Factors That Contribute to Cake Filtration

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It was concluded from the literature review that a lot of things contribute to cake filtration characteristic such as pH, particle shape, particle size concentration, area of filtration, material of membrane and applied pressure. Although all these factors contribute to filtration characteristics, but the same conventional filtration equation has been adopted with dearth of any other mathematical equations being considered in calculating these values.

Three separates method have been adopted in this dissertation in calculating filtration characteristics (specific cake resistance and medium resistance) and all of them have yielded the same order of magnitude with similar trends in an increase in initial concentration and an increase in applied pressure.

The adopted method gave an insight into what happened during the initial period of filtration which was unattainable using the conventional method.

The recommendations below are suggested:

Carrying out this experiment in the future with different particles such as China clay,
and Tale and adopting the equation used in this dissertation to see the effect on a
more compressible particle.

  • Using advanced equipment in order to avoid erroneous values obtained at start of filtration.
  • Using a mil to grind the Calcite particles in order to obtain a finer particle and bigger particles. Afterwards, the same experiment should be conducted to see the effect of particle range on cake filtration.
  • Using a Scanning Electronic Microscope to see the particle morphology before and after experiments in discuss the effect of filtration on particles.
  • Measuring pH and temperature of the suspension after preparation and before experiment to see their influence on filtration.

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Particles of different sizes and shapes are applied across wide a range of industries such as pharmaceutical, fermentation and cement industries where the ability at which they allow fluid to pass through them have been of major importance. This has helped us to understand the way different particle behaves when they are in a suspension; the time they will take before they will allow certain amount of water to pass through. In the experiments to be carried out, the permeability of different particles is to be determined.

Aim of Project: The aim of the project is to carry out an experiment and analyse data gathered from particles created using two methods to create them. Firstly, particles creation from poly-vinyl-alcohol using emulsification and condensation polymerization to generate emulsion drops to form solid particles with different sites and size distribution. Secondly, bigger solid particles will be crushed to produce and give small solid particles with different size distributions and shapes. All the resulting particles will be analysed and the data collected will be used to test their permeability and packing arrangement in fluids with different viscosities such as water and vegetable oil.

Objective: To predict permeability values of different materials such as Diatom “earth filter aid”, Clay, Talc, Calcite and Yeast using different fluid viscosities and various conditions such as concentration, ionic strength of liquid, pressure, shape and size.

Task: The task involved is to carry out different experiments to determine the permeability of different particles using three different techniques with different materials having different shapes and size distributions. Consequently, carrying out the experiment with varying concentrations and conditions i.e. change in pressure and room temperature. About 120 experiments are expected estimated to be carried out within an estimated time of 3 months, which accounts for error and repetition of the experiment.

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