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Hunger As Ideology
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Among the needs of men, food is one which is always regarded as the one of highest priority. Regardless of the present day existing economic conditions, food is always seen as a must have across different social classes and even across countries. The strong pronunciation of food supply as an indicator of social development is so prominent nowadays that many countries are set against it as a qualification that requires both attention and attainment. However food insecurity situations are different…...
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The Corporate Takeover of American Farming
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We are literally eating ourselves to death. For the first time in American history, the generations born after the baby boomers face a lower life expectancy than their parents did. This situation Is largely a result of a product that we cannot even eat until it has been processed into our food and drink supply. This food, plus a sedentary life-style, have caused an epidemic of obesity which has been on the rise in America for the past 30 years,…...
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