Food Security On Challenges

Pakistan is a country fast-growing in population and slow-growing in education. In 21st Century The country of 21 crore’s population is facing tough challenges in food security. Food security means, that each citizen of a country has easy access to sufficient safe and nutritious food to live their healthy life with. One of the toughest challenges Pakistan seems to be facing in very near future is food security. Water has flashed out in most of the Capital City of the country, so what to talk of the remote areas of Sindh.

Water is a fundamental component of the food for which there has been no proper planning to its safety. However; there are many challenges the country is facing in food security, but I will list down some of them;

Challenges  Population; currently Population is one of the key challenges the country faces. A growing population is an indicator to the shortage of Food, keeping the capacity of the country. Education and Job Market; There is no access to education in most parts of the country for male in general and Female in specific.

Even though if there is an access to general education then the second top challenge is the Job Market where the educated and qualified people can get their professional career ahead. This less accessibility of education and Job market is proportionally causing poverty and Poverty lead to food shortage. The demarcation of land is done in such a way, that a big ration of the country’s population can’t afford to produce enough food, In other words, agricultural disparities.

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According to one of the studies 41 districts among 131 districts of the whole country, produce enough food for their population, the rest is buying it from others.

Water is an alarming call, there has been sever shortage of water in the capital city of Pakistan so what to talk about the remote areas of Sindh and other provinces. One of the major challenges is the Feudal system in Pakistan in general and Sindh in special. In areas like Sindh there are feudal who are violating the the poor citizens to produce them food and keep them enslaved. So this have and have’s not is one of the major challenges for food security.  Gender-based agriculture. Being in a country like Pakistan Gender has been one of the causes for the shortage of the food. Female are not let to opt for a professional career, due to the social taboos, but they are just house hold to produce kids and that’s all.

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