Food As A Guestion

Good nutrition plays a vital role in ensuring that there exist optimal growth and the well-being of an individual. Eating healthy and nutritious foods is important in ensuring the risks of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases is reduced. Healthy and nutritious food should be and affordable to all people, regardless of the income, region or ethnicity of individuals. However, the capitalist society has led to the commercialization of food. By commercializing food, the poor and the low-income communities have been disadvantaged.

Apparently, food is different from all other commodities that exist in the market as it is the only commodity in the market that is explicitly ad intrinsically linked with the survival of mankind.

By possessing other commodities such as cars, smartphones and even luxurious houses gives us social benefits, food is quite different, healthy and nutritious food is set to serve our psychological needs. The purpose of this paper is to form a critical analysis of the subject by following the Corbert model for a rhetorical essay.

As such, this essay has been designed into five parts, the introduction, and statement of proving or the literature review, confirmation, refutation and conclusion. The term food security refers to the situation in which all people in a particular country or population under study have the physical, social and economic access to healthy and nutritious food at all time. Lack of accessibility to nutritious diets is an important factor that leads to food insecurity.

Accessibility to nutritious food is determined by various factors such as the income of individuals and the status that occupy in society.

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With the high cost of living, the majority of people always forego food in order to ensure that they meet their other basic needs like clothing and shelter. However, healthy food should be prioritized and made affordable to this groups since there exist many benefits of getting access to nutritious food. Nutritious food has the ability to reduce the risks of getting chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Food insecurity further causes economic costs to the economy which is about $90 billion each used in the treatments of medical conditions. Other effects of this include the loss of educational attainment by individuals and decreased worker productivity.

Access to nutritious food is a problem of special concern to people living in ghettos, low-income earners in the village and people who do menial work for a living. 4 million children and cross to half that number of women across the world are at risk of being confronted with food insecurity. With such a sizeable population at a risk, there exists a need for concerted efforts to be done to ensure that the situation is alleviated. Relaying on well-wishers and philanthropists alone won’t be able to alleviate this situation. There exists a need to stop the commercialization of food products or if that is not the case, then food should be sold at a subsidized price by the different governments. With such as a high population at risks, governments need to chip and ensure that this situation is alleviated. Opponents of this approach, however, disagree that by the government interfering with the food prices, people would be made lazy and thus not have the motivation to work hard.

They suggest that the forces of demand and supply should be let out as it is without any government interference. They view food just as any commodity that man should be allowed to seek and not rely on just getting things for free. This rhetorical essay intends to look deeply into the topic by using the common good approach as a tool in which we would use to critically understand and address the issue of provision of nutritious food to all people in the country regardless of income. The notion of the common good approach has been central to arguments made by Plato, Aristotle, Cicero and even Thomas Aquinas. This approach is the most basic and effective approach to be taken when referring to goods and things that are of the interest of the community and can only be understood as being the set of conditions that is cr9itocal in the flourishing and common good of humanity. In this argumentative essay, the common good would be viewed as an analytical tool as well as an accusatory-rhetorical device to be used.

Confirmation of Proof

Gundersen, Seligman (2017) highlighted on their study that food insecurity is recognized as the health crisis in the U.S. this report recognizes the fact the fact that in 2015 alone, 42 million people in the country had food insecurities similar to the one experienced during the great recession. With this in mind, they have conducted a study on the relationship that exists between food security and the health outcomes of individuals. The findings of this study prove the arguments of this essay further. The findings of this study are that food security is associated with risks of giving birth to children with birth defects, anaemia, aggression and cognitive problems. This study falls short of highlighting that there is a need for the provision of healthy and nutritious food for all people regardless of the income of this individuals. This study, however, highlights the relationship that exists between food insecurity and health outcomes among individuals.

Ultra-processed food falls short of the nutritious standard of food and has potential harmful for people that take it according to Monteria et al. this study reveals that the increasing consumption of this ultra-processed food by individuals has likely consequences on the lives of individuals. The objective of this study was to access the trends that exist in the buying of processed food and to further explore the potential impact that this has on the quality of diet and the health benefits of individuals. This study established that the majority of low-income earners took this ultra-processed food and in the process risk their health as this food has negative effects on the lives of individuals.

Sanjay Gupta on his study on the effective techniques in healthy eating and physical activity interventions highlights that behaviour change and the change in the food we take increases the quality of life and reduces the chances of getting this lifestyle diseases. This study was carried out using interventions aimed at increasing the physical and healthy living by changing our behaviours cognitive actions. The duration of interventions under this study varied ranging from one to even two years. The results of this study implied that a change in nutrition and what we eat on our daily lives affected the quality of life. The use of meta-analysis and meta-regression in this study showed that changing what we eat on a daily level improved our lives.

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