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Publication Beauty Belongs To Us 
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Makeup is no longer the beauty stereotype that people use to perceive it as like in the early years- like a woman is only wearing red lipstick just to captivate a man's attention or that a woman wears makeup because she is insecure. People of all ages, all genders, and all backgrounds seem to have something to say about makeup, including myself I believe makeup is an art. Sure lipstick can be just that but, for others, it’s a celebration…...
Publication Art And Design And The Opportunity to Enhance Individuality
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Pages • 6
Romantic literature was one of the most influential periods of writing when talking about American literature. Authors like Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne both produced a plethora of works that changed the way people viewed nature in their time period. Nature today is now viewed in a more flattering light thanks to the Romantic artists. The Romantic period of writing led to a reform of the way people viewed nature by making it a place for spiritual reflection, inspiring…...
Publication Thoreau’s Night in Jail
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Pages • 2
The cell, is center stage, with imaginary walls set-up. The way the stage is laid out automatically emphasizes the importance of being thoughtful and having an imagination. As the play goes on an old man enters with his wife. The individual is Waldo, and his wife is Lydian, they walk on stage and Waldo tries to remember the name of his best friend. Lydian suggests the name he is trying to remember is Henry, and Waldo tells her that he…...
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What’s it Like Being A Twin?
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The question is a phrase I have been asked countless times; I do not blame people for their curiosity. It is an unordinary experience for many since few people have the opportunity to experience such a close bond with another individual. After all, unlike most people, my twin sister, Christina, and I have spent our entire lives besides each other. However, it was not always easy being compared to one another. Though we are completely different in regard to appearances, style,…...
True Freedom And Individuality
Words • 400
Pages • 2
Towards the beginning of the novel, the ocean is described as “seductive’ to Edna which endlessly calls out to her in order her to attain her individualism. The ocean itself represents freedom and individuality. It is a place where people can go to be truly alone with no one around to oppress or control another individual, and it allows for Edna to lose herself inside her own individuality. On the other hand, true freedom and individuality can also create a…...
Publication How Societies Suppress Individuality
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Pages • 3
In the novel, Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury uses the archetypal “mask” to suggest how societies choke out individuality to gain unquestioned perfection. Through this archetype, Bradbury depicts the confusion of humanity, and the mask society forces upon people with Montag’s thirst for knowledge and his role in his community. Montag’s occupation in his society was a fireman, where he sets fire to books to cleanse the world of contradictions and disagreements. He never questioned the content the books held, he…...
Publication A Clear Image Of Society
Words • 845
Pages • 4
Charles Dickens presents a clear image of society in both London, England and Paris, France before and during the French Revolution. In chapter three, Dickens describes a paradox; everyone spends their lives in an attempt to love, appreciate, and connect with those around them, but they cannot genuinely do this because they will never understand people for who they are. For this reason, he defines the human condition as a curse. Not only does it encourage one to think about…...
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The Publication Technological Individuality Actions
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Pages • 2
Technology is one of the most reliable resources available to mankind. Technological activities create a faster and more efficient way of getting a job done with ease. As the future approaches technology will rapidly increase allowing individuals to achieve more activities in a short amount of time. “The Pedestrian” by Ray Bradbury is a very symbolic story of a man, Leonard Mead who does not except the ideal society that’s supported by the others around him. The short story creates…...
Food As A Guestion
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Pages • 5
Good nutrition plays a vital role in ensuring that there exist optimal growth and the well-being of an individual. Eating healthy and nutritious foods is important in ensuring the risks of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases is reduced. Healthy and nutritious food should be and affordable to all people, regardless of the income, region or ethnicity of individuals. However, the capitalist society has led to the commercialization of food. By commercializing food, the poor and the low-income communities have…...
FoodFood SecurityIndividuality
Individuality Essay
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In a community where one is expected to fit in with the group and not standout, anyone who expresses individuality is bound to stand out and make an important identity in that society. Individuality can make leaders, which have the potential to bring a long-term positive change to a modern society. Individuality creates leaders in any society. When a human has an attitude of being content with themselves to the point where they can freely express themselves, it brings out…...
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Publication How Societies Suppress Individuality
...Only those who shed their mask and searched for the knowledge figured out how to survive because they understood the knowledge of the human soul and the treasure of individuality. An example of this is the movie, Castaway. Chuck Noland wore the mask ...
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