The Other Side of Food in the Film Food Inc.

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In the film Food Inc, the director Robert Kenner revealed the other side of the food industry, and tells what is hidden under the high mechanical industry; a series of shocking phenomenon, At the same time, this film directly exposes the dark side of the marketing, including the cruel agricultural enterprise competition, and industrial production of meat. Moreover, it shows us about how the company controls the genetics and law This film allows consumers to know about the rules of the food industry, the government of the United States, the United States department of agriculture, and the United States food and drug administration mode of operation (Ebert,2009), These marketed products are responsible for physical and mental alterations in one‘s body and should be prohibited.

Food Inc, revealed how the high development has created several foods to shorten in supply. However, behind the prosperity, food safety has reached the point where it cannot be ignored Film from the perspective of the fast food, and gradually to extend to planning, animal husbandry, aquaculture, reveals the big food companies operate in order to obtain high profits by changing the way of the growth of plants and animals and the growth cycle.

These companies made big profits in the business, but the expense of consumers, The United States of monopoly is greatly intensified through continuous integration, and presented so as to realize the monopoly on article supply in the whole industry chain model. In 1970, the biggest five beef suppliers can only supply 25% of the nation’s beef consumption, while in 2008 the four biggest suppliers control 80% of beef, Meanwhile, huge capital control of the situation of the whole industry chain is becoming more and more serious such as chicken feed, The big capital controls everything from chicken feed to when the chicken becomes a product.

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Breeding industry practitioners are completely controlled by bank debt, technology updates, feed supply and purchase of goods, and other capital control link. Also, they are powerless to resist, and they can only do according to the requirements of large capital industrial farming. The company monopoly brings convenient life for people. At the same time, it also brings lot health problems to people.

I remember there is a case that talks about poultry, In 1950, the Chicken needed 70 days could sell in the market, but in 2008, it becomes 48 days could sell in the market. These chickens greatly enhance the production efficiency and bring big profits to the companies. Because of the violent growth in a short period of time, the chickens have unhealthy bones and internal organs. So these weak chickens do not support their huge body. Almost cannot walk a few steps, worthy of the name “super meat chicken”. Why do these chickens grow so big? The reason is that workers are mixing of antibiotics in the feed. People eat these infected chicken, and reduce our immune function. This is very harmful to people’s health. Some companies do not care about the chickens getting sick or death. I think the meat production gradually evolved into an act of cruelty to animals. However, this is not what we want to see. A lot of children in China, their always will asked their parents to buy McDonald’s to them. But the children did not know a lot of fast food is used this super meat to make a hamburger.

Almost every year we will hear the report of McDonald‘s food problems in China. How can we eat safety and let Children to Choose the safety food become an issue? In the film, a brave mother is talking about his son’s misery was 2 years old. Because her son was eating a hamburger, he had onset of renal failure. Various means including kidney dialysis so exhausted, still failed to save him. Innocent little life was died in 12 days. His mother fought seven years for this case, but still had no success. The kind of e. coli found with her son are not only found in meat products, but also on many kinds of fruits and vegetables. This means it is notjust only an issue for this mother due to she lost a boy (Ebert,2009)r This is a problem for our whole society. Because people every day need to eat, maybe one day it will become your health problem The consumers should pay attention for their food safety problems Besides, the governments should be strictly checking the food problem. As one interviewee said in the documentary, people are obsessed with how should one thing to do better, to forget the thinking about whether it should do? If a civilized society wills only a pig as a pile of no life meat, so this society will with the attitude of how to treat other civilization? From this perspective, high-tech advancement is not only a problem on the level of science and technology; we also need to go from the moral and ethical level for more thoughts.

“You can change the world with every bite” this is the last thing in the film. I really like it, because it is some good advices for us to correct the ills existing in the food industry I also hope that, after watching the documentary, people can have a little clarification to the health. These contaminated products are only contributing to the already declining health of Americans. All the additives mess with hormones and clog arteries. If one were to examine a label, they will most certainly see all the random chemicals added to things. They can be found in cake, crackers, ketchup, and even fruits. These are chemicals that are not meant to be consumed. Thousands of years ago, these were not added to products, so why should they now? Consumers must keep themselves informed Because obviously the government isn’t going to warn us, Some solutions to this problem other than education would certainly be to limit the amount of these products you take in Eating out can be very compromising while trying to do this, That is why I recommend people to prepare all their meals, Maybe limit oneself to eating outside once a month Also when eating at home, you should use products that are organic and natural, even if they do cost a little more. Also, by taking this information and spreading it, you will help other on theirjourney to a healthier alternative lifestyle.


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