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Compare and Contrast 1 1/18/13 Compare and Contrast GMO’s: Good or sad? “And… they’re [GMO’s] curing cancer?! “. In the “Nine Things You Should Know About Genetically Modified Organisms” article, the author Melissa Leon, tells the reader the pros of Genetically Modified Organisms, GMO’s, and how they can benefit humanity in the near future. In the film Food Inc.

, the director, Robert Kenner, wants to show the viewers the truth about what is really in their food and where it actually comes from. In its debate of peoples health, success of enhancing food, and ustomer satistfaction, the “Nine Things” article is more effective than Food Inc. ecause the article tells readers what they want to hear unlike the film that shows viewers images they do not want to see. The article “Nine things” tells the reader that Genetically Modified Organisms are healthy to consume.

It states “genetically altered foods have largely beend deemed safe by the Food and Drug Administration, as well as the World Health Organization and the American Medical Association”(Pg# 3). Consumers may be worried that brands such as Tyson are putting harmful chemicals in their food but there’s really othing to worry about.

According to the article “Whole Foods Jus made history by becoming the first U. S. retailer to require labeling of any foods containing genetically modified content”(page #1). This helps the consumers health as well because it allows them to know what exactly is in the product they want to purchase and if they are allergic to anything in the product.

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In the film Food Inc. the director, Robert Kenner decided to have a mother, Barbara Kowalcyk, tell her story to the audience about the son she had lost due to an E-coli outbreak. Mrs.

Kowalcyk tells the viewers that her son was diagnosed with hemolytic-uremic syndrome through a burger he ate that had been contaminated with E. Coli. She lost her son due to this syndrome and since then she has been fghting to prevent this from happening again. With that said, “Kevin’s Law” was passed in 2005 and it gave the U. S. Department of Agriculture the power to shut down any plant that was producing any sort of contaminated meat. This doesn’t help consumers out as much as the required labeling mentioned in “9 things” because he meat might have another chemical or product in it that the public does not know about.

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The article mentioned that in Massachusetts a biotech company modified a salmon. They made it so that the salmon grows to it’s adult size in a year and a half instead of 3 years like it should. The article states that this “could potentially ease some presssure off wild fish stocks”(page #7). As of now, salmon is in high demand so that means that the numbers are depleating quickly, but thanks to this GMO baby will keep getting bigger and bigger. GMO’s can also be used to turn fish into house pets. The Glo-fish was the first altered organism to be sold as a pet to the public.

The original purpose of the Glo-fish was to locate enviornmental toxins but no one complained about having them as pets. In Food Inc. Kenner shows the viewers that chickens are genetically altered to grow twice the size they should in a shorter time span like the salmon. The only problem with this is that the chicken’s body gets too heavy for them to support so most of them die because of starvation. The film didn’t show the viewer what really happens to the dead hens, it only show the owner pile them up.

For all the viewers know the food companies can be coming back to the farm to collect the dead chickens and use the meat anyways. It sounds reasonable due to the fact that Tyson declined to be interviewed in the film and by doing so the viewers know that the company is hiding something they don’t want to reveal to the public. The thing consumer like about the article is that it talks about saving money. Now in this economy it’s better to save than to spend. Most Americans spend about $1 50 to $250 on food for the week. Because of GMO’s they might be saving a little bit more oney.

Now the bad thing is that prices would go up by a small percentage in corn and soybeans. The consumers know this so unless they really need these products, they’ll stay away from purchasing them at their locar market. The labeling will eventually catch on in other markets such as Costco, Target, Safeway, etc. , so by reading the labels, consumers will know exactly what is in the product and they can determine whether they need it or not. When viewers watch Food Inc. it makes them think twice about going out to eat at a fast food restaurant.

With that said, they will save money because the average American goes out to eat at least 3 times a week. After watching the film, they will have a sense about where the food at the local McDonalds really comes from. The advertisements say things like “fresh from our farm” but in reality the meat comes from an assembly line rather than a farm. For example, on highway 5 heading to Los Angeles, California; There is a so called “farm” on the left hand side. It looks nothing like a farm. The cows are all bunched up, they’re covered in dirt and their own feces.

It’s more of an industry, the cows Just go there to be slaughtered for their meat and sold to restaurants. If Americans care about animals like they say they do, then they will have a sense to stop eating out at fast food places that alter the meat. All in all, “Nine things” had stronger facts on the subjects compared to Food Inc because the article only talked about the positives of GMO’s. Food Inc. indeed talked about positives as well but it brought itself to a disadvantage by talking about the negatives such as false advertisement and contaminated meat.

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