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All of your fruits and gettable have been harvested on farms, then immediately shipped to processing factories. Your food is no longer raised naturally on farms, everything is in the factory. Famous fast food restaurants, such as McDonald’s, used to have little factories in the back of their kitchens where they would make burgers on assembly lines. Fast food restaurant owners would hire people to have one objective, for instance, one person would put the hamburgers on the buns and put cheese on them, another person would put ketchup and mustard and pickles on the burger all day, and another would wrap the burgers all day.

Food Inc Review Essay

That would allow the company to pay them less, and that made the employees very easy to replace. In 1970, the top 5 beef packaging companies controlled 25% of the market; today there are only the top 4 meat packaging companies (Tyson, Cargill, JABS, and National Beef) which control 85% of the market. You can go to the grocery store and go to the meat isle and you would see tons of different logos on the packaged meat, but all those logos belong mainly to these top four meat packaging companies.

Tyson is the largest company. A lot of our meat and other produce today are larger than normal. That is because the chickens in factories are fed antibiotic infested feed which then goes to their system and makes them grow in a nearly 55% faster time-span. Instead of in a 3 months’ time, our chickens are fully grown in approximately 49 days.

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This is not farming, this is mass production. When the chickens are being processed, workers throw any part of the chicken onto the conveyer belt to be packaged and sent out.

Even if the chickens are sick, the workers are to send those chickens to the processing plant also, regardless. Another main reason why we can’t get naturally rowan produce is because farmers are not able to compete with these large companies, so they are forced to Join them and work for them. Farmers are to only use the also antibiotic infested seeds that the company provides to them. If the farmers try to use their own natural seeds that were harvested from the previous year, then the company could investigate them.

The companies make the farmers continuously upgrade equipment and housings, which keep them taking money out of the bank, therefore keeping the in debt. Corn is a major product that is used in just about every produce. In the U. S. 30% of our land bases are used for corn harvesting. Farmers are paid to over produce corn, again, by mass production. Factories also use corn to feed to the cattle which isn’t good because cows are grazers, meaning that they eat grass. With a high corn diet it creates a lot of coli in the cow’s system.

Coli objects acid, which is in your stomach to digest food. This backs up the cattle’s digestive system and their anal passage is then clogged up with juiced fruits, and other produce. Coli could get into our system and cause heavy damage. It could result in kidney failure and excessive bloody diarrhea. The USDA United States Department of Agriculture) doesn’t do much to prevent these issues because the same people who were in very high places in these food marketing companies are now working for the USDA.

Animals are kept in bad conditions; they stand in their own manure, so once they are killed and hung on conveyer belts, the manure from their hooves get into the butchered meat, and that’s how we get feces in our packaged food. Today, 1 in 3 Americans will get diabetes, on minorities it would be 2. Our food market has made the highly subsidized produce cheaper than the organics, leaving the option of good tasting, cheap food, easily accessible. Our food market is headed in the wrong direction.

There are three main tastes: salt, fat, and sugar, which is everywhere. 1 in 3 Americans will get diabetes, on minorities it would be 2. But on top of that, organizations are fighting to keep Trans fat labels, calorie labels, and GYM labels off of their produce. 75% of produce in stores today are GYM, nothing is really organic anymore. So next time you buy something from the market, check your labels, and do your research because there is a lot more behind what you eat today than Just the taste, smell, and feel of the food.

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