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In the evidence it says ‘Give them every opportunity of displaying their own qualifications,'(Franklin) With this side he was able to gain trust from people and he was able to be patient and help others the way they would like to be helped. This side is revealed by his aspects of work by the library and the Junto. Benjamin franklin wanted to give people opportunities to show or say what they had to. He wanted to help by adding that library.

It helped a lot of people and they can use all those reading sources. They didn’t have google so a town public library had to help a lot of people. In the text it says ‘ I proposed that we should all bring our books to that room, where they would not only be ready to consult in our conferences, but become a common benefit'(Franklin) He wanted the townspeople to be able to read and find out things for cheap, or for free.

In the Evidence it says that ‘whether he be poor or rich, old or young, a scholar or a leather apron man, etc., and give their opinion of the performance, according to the knowledge which they have of the author’s circumstances,'(Franklin) Benjamin Franklin was trying to say that all men deserve to be heard. He was trying to say Does not matter what you look like. He just wanted to here what they had to say. Franklin also had apart in electricity.

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We all know Benjamin Franklin Got electrocuted by a kite and and lightning, But that’s only where it started. On that day in 1752, Benjamin Franklin flied a kite during a thunderstorm and collected a charge in a Leyden jar when the kite was struck by lightning, enabling him to demonstrate the electrical nature of lightning. ‘Intriguing similarities between electrical sparks and lightning. He listed twelve of them, including: “1. Giving light. 2. Color of the light. 3. Crooked directions. 4. Swift motion. 5. Being conducted by metals. 6. Crack or noise in exploding…. 9. Destroying animals…. 12. Sulphurous smell.”(Franklin) The only things franklin used was a metal stick his hands and his feet.

Franklin’s sides Are very similar. Being Smart And being kind Tie together like red vines candy.For instance, He was kind so he wanted to make that town library. If he wasn’t smart and have Ideas about the junto and the library they wouldn’t have been there if he didn’t have those ideas. Some might say That Benjamin Franklin was a genius. In the Text it states ‘ Ben Franklin seems made of flesh rather then of marble . He Turn to us with eyes that sparkle.’ Doesn’t that make you think when it says ‘ seems made of flesh rather than of marble’ (Franklin)? Benjamin Franklin was his own man. HE had his own ideas and his own mind set.

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