Mount Franklin Water Analysis

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1. Introduction
Water is the fountain of all life and is a premier demand of the organic structure. Over 60 per centum of our organic structure weight is made up of H2O. In Australia, most people are imbibing tapped H2O straight at place, but while going or eating out in eating houses, purchasing bottled H2O has become one of the most popular picks This demand has been good explored by some drink manufacturers, both local and abroad.

So today there are assorted trade names of imbibing H2O in Australian market. Among them, Mount Franklin’ ( start from 1994 ) has become Australia’s favorite H2O trade name and the most recognized. This paper focuses on analyzing Mount Franklin’s selling positioning scheme by utilizing perceptual function method, in order to analyze a successful trade name in imbibing H2O industry and supply recommendations for a new trade name that would wish to come in into this market.

Mount Franklin 600ml

2. Selling constructs

a. Market positioning
Positioning can be defined as ‘… the act of planing the company’s offering so that it occupies a meaningful and distinguishable place in the mark customer’s mind.’ ( Jobber & A ; Fahy, 2009 ) It is the concluding and fatal phase of the procedure of mark selling scheme which involves planing merchandise characteristics and image which are separating from rivals in the bing market for the intent of appealing to the specific mark market section.

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It is combined selling schemes that result in how the administration wants a merchandise or trade name to be perceived by the market. Positioning is straight related to trade name values, market demographics and the image of the merchandise in the market place. b. Perceptual function

Perceptual function is a diagrammatic technique used by plus sellers that attempts to visually expose the perceptual experiences of clients or possible clients.
3. Trade names presenting
a. Mount Franklin
Owned by Coca-Cola Amatil, Mount Franklin took the prima place in Australian bottle H2O market in past decennary, and accounted for 20 % off-trade volume gross revenues in 2012. Harmonizing to Coca-Cola’s market research, Mount Franklin H2O has a 99 per centum trade name consciousness and 43 per centum of females aged 25-39 say that Mount Franklin is their favorite trade name. B. Mount Franklin’s market positioning scheme

Mount Franklin represents and promotes an overall sense of wellbeing. Young female theoretical account Jennifer Hawkins as trade name famous person which promotes the healthy and fresh image of its merchandise. Make the trade name closely associated to the community ; to this terminal Mount Franklin has established the Drink Positive, Think Positive, run. Furthermore, the trade name has enhanced this connexion through its community partnerships with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Make consumers feel the purchase of Mount Franklin as assisting themselves and the environment by altering the bundle to “the easy-crush bottle” which is good for the environment every bit good as being similar to that of the original merchandise. The new 600ml Mount Franklin Easy-Crush Bottle is made with 35 % less plastic and has a C footmark which is 27 % lighter than the old bottle. Be of support to Australian economic system by devouring Mount Franklin H2O as the local trade name. c. Other trade names in Australian market

Along with the figure one bands, there are 100s of other imbibing H2O trade names in Australian market. Although barely close to Mount Franklin’s taking place, some of them are doing rational market portion, including Pump ( another imbibing H2O trade names owned by Coca-Cola ) , Evian, NU Pure, Mount Lofty, Coles bottled H2O, Woolworth bottled H2O, etc.

4. A perceptual map of imbibing H2O market in Australia
A perceptual map could be in two dimensions or multiple dimensions, depending on the properties taken into consideration when analyzing a mark market.
a. Quality
As a necessity of life, quality of H2O is most critical property when people choose a bottled H2O. ‘Mount Franklin’ spring H2O is collected locally and bottled daily. It is filtered three times via micro filters, to extinguish any bantam atoms of course found in spring H2O. This ensures that every bottle of ‘Mount Franklin’ is of exceeding pureness and quality.

B. Monetary value

Drinking H2O, as a commercial merchandise, its monetary value ranks secondly of import. Normally, consumers will compare the monetary value accessible in market place when buying a merchandise. Mount Franklin’s monetary values vary from shop to hive away. In CCA peddling machines the monetary value for a 600mL bottle is $ 3.00, which comparably higher.

c. Accessibility

It is about how easy consumers could buy a mark merchandise and do an of import function in fast traveling consumer goods industry including drinking H2O. Mount Franklin is found widely in supermarkets, convenience shops, peddling machines and other seller services e.g. gasoline Stationss and newsdealers.

d. Brand consciousness

Consumers are more likely to take a well-known trade name when the face more than one options. As mentioned before, Mount Franklin H2O has a 99 per centum trade name consciousness in Australia.

e. Design and packaging

Stylish design in bundle may pull more attending, by publishing Jennifer Hawkins’ image on light triping H2O bottle wrap, it is thought to be stylish by some immature people to keep a bottle of that H2O.

f. Perceptual Function

Technically, it is difficult to pull a perceptual map by taking all these properties into consideration. Three of them will be demonstrated in the undermentioned diagram:

g. Analyse on perceptual function
Normally, trade names with high consciousness in public monetary value higher on their merchandises, meanwhile, high quality is required to keep the positive image in consumers. As imbibing merchandise, consumers are more likely to do determinations trust on the trade name consciousness. Price is besides an of import property, so the merchandises with sensible monetary value besides make good gross revenues. Big trade names such as Kales and Woolworth can easy develop related accessory merchandises by utilizing their trade names influence.

5. Decision
As a critical scheme, positioning dramas a important function in doing market determinations. As an efficient tool, perceptual function provides marketer a ocular indicant of consumers’ perceptual experience of how a trade name or a merchandise compares with its rivals. An of import point should be mentioned here, the place of a trade name is movable instead than fixed. ( which related another selling procedure i.e. shifting ) By analyzing the places on a regular basis of their ain and rivals, sellers may make up one’s mind where and when necessary make a alteration to their place. 6. Recommendations

As a new trade name planning to come in into a specific market, it is an effectual manner of acquiring a related perceptual function to analyze the mark market. It is besides critical to place the trade name in a sensible manner. Usually it is a wise pick for a new trade name to get down from the market with less rivals. Sometimes companies that are located in similar place in conceptual map might non rivals. Mount Franklin set a good illustration of positioning trade names with societal connexion.

7. Mentions
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