Selfie Is A Kind Of Self-portrait Created With A Camera

Selfie has been all over the newsfeeds and home pages in social networking websites. Believe it or not, it has been a part of other peoples daily routine. For them, to require a selfie is totally necessary. The question is why area unit individuals thus hooked with taking selfies?

In the Psychology of Selfie by David Ludden Ph.D., he explained in length how people use selfie to show dominance. Currently, when everything is modern and innovated, how a person takes a selfie really matters.

Indeed, in the article, Ludden elaborated the effect of selfie when he gave the example of President Bush and Mexican President Vicente who have to use stool to make him look taller Ludden (2017).

At that moment, President Vicente is very eager to cultivate his time and effort to maintain his image to the public even though President Bush is known as the leader of the free world (Ludden 2017). Selfie is usually meant to draw in alternative users to follow you or add you as a fan.

In the example of President Bush and Vicente, both want to show the world their leadership or dominance. There are many things to unravel behind every selfie that people take. It is imperative to grasp these items since most are all tormented by it. Physically and psychologically, there is a need for people to know the effects and the reasons why everybody is all into taking Selfie.

Thus, Florida State University psychologist Anastasia Makhanova and her colleagues tested the hypothesis that people would manipulate camera angle when taking selfies as an impression-management strategy.

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Ludden 2017. Having a selfie is important. From what you see in an exceedingly single exposure taken from your camera can really verify your views regarding yourself and the way you’ll construct your social being. The article elaborated with the example of Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice who will show intra/intersexual attraction to satisfy each other. The problem is that everyone takes this issue seriously. People spend most of their time taking photos of their selves, thinking for the right pose, filters to be used and caption to be put. Sometimes, they do this not for them but for the people who are going to look in the photo.

It might be easy however not everybody will see the consequences of it in peoples lives. The psychological effects of selfie are terribly serious particularly for the teenagers. Now, people especially teenage dont just base their looks on what is reflected on the mirror but also what is captured in the camera. Indeed, Makhanova and her colleague said that peoples self-esteem developed when they see likes and positive feedbacks from their online friends and followers (Ludden 2017).

Although, I can say that people in some case, go beyond their limit and do things that are improper to get the attention of other users. The development of technology and how it strengthened the popularity of selfie help to unravel the hidden story behind selfies. This may additionally assistance on finding the $64000 answer why individuals result to selfie addiction which will still be prevented with a really useful answer.

Selfie takers usually go through all the trouble of activating the front camera in their smart phone, choose for the best angle that will make their cheekbones more defined, eyes look bigger, the skin whiter, and then click to unravel their hidden beauty and feel more dominant. For them, posting selfies is an empowering act for some reason said Makhanova in the Psychology of Selfie by David Ludden. Basically, if you give a closer look, it just allows to most people to control their image online. Indeed, let us all be real, the most common selfie is the one where you look cute, partially because its a quick way to get positive comments about your appearance. For example, if you take a selfie and it has a great outcome, you will easily believe that is the real you even if you have completely enhanced the photo with filters and other.

Thus, what you believe is real will be strengthened due to positive comments and feedbacks of social media users. Once you have seen that there is a tremendous amount of likes in your selfie, you will adopt the idea you have got in social interaction with people and eventually relate it in your real life. Turning to the negative aspect of it, when people receive either good or bad comments, the term selfie-syndrome comes out. A person becomes egotistic and starts to update photos each single minute to convey themselves assurance and satisfaction. Honestly, once a photograph gets very fashionable and hits the trending spot, people will overreact, and they will also have their selfies taken like the photo they have seen.

In another hand, the advancement of social media has led to the rise of selfies. Of course, the event and innovation of contemporary technology features a nice impact in building the recognition of selfie. However, the benefit of use isn’t the sole reason innumerable individual’s area unit a great deal into selfie and why they offer most of their time change random post of their face. They are the way to speak that each the selfie-taker and his or her life is awe-inspiring, sexy, thoughtful, interesting, social and many more. We take selfies after we area unit feeling exciting and well-dressed, or after we wish to indicate off what we’re doing. Sometimes, a selfie is meant to attract the attention of a certain people whom you are sexually attracted to mentioned Makhanova and her colleague (Ludden 2017).

To conclude, one should be able to be satisfied on what he/she looks inside and out. You should not base your whole temperament on your social media image. Selfies square measure the way to document things regarding yourself, in that case you should be able to depict what is real about you. Selfie allows you to precise yourself and to update others on what’s happening in your life. It is not regarding however folks acknowledge you and the way you impress them, it’s additional on telling what you actually feel in precisely one icon. Dont let this issue management you, instead, use it to develop yourself and your personality.

In selfie, the foremost usually used smartphone feature is that the front camera for it allows you to strike a create freely as a result of you see yourself within the screen. However, the problem with selfie is that users cultivate so much of their time, effort and even money to maintain their pleasing and attractive online image. On viewing ones self, selfie can make a huge change, you may possibly develop your self-esteem and confidence through likes and positive comments. The problem is, what you think that of yourself doesn’t matter and you begin doing things that others can like.

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