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The island of Capri. A portrait of Dieter Richter Review Paper

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Save we look at the list of all the celebrities who could be tempted by Napoli in the last two hundred years, the small island of Capri in the Gulf. Most of them – artists, noblemen, heirs, doctors, industrialists, dandies, politicians, upstarts, philosophers, celebrities, scientists, military personnel mainly from Germany, Great Britain, Russia and America – remained for the rest of life prisoners of their sweet spell. Many of those who could afford it (or get by bedürfnislos), resided for a few weeks, years or decades. The other way round, the matter is simple. Goethe, for example, has the island never entered

Add the myriad come from day-trippers who are over shoveled from Napoli or Sorrento in the morning, the island with their physicality flooding and their money and they again left to their quiet peace in the evening. Came in 1910 after all, already 80 to 100 visitors a day, it was the mid-thirties about seven times as many. After the war, the numbers exploded: nearly two thousand in 1950, 3400, ten years later and almost 6,400 coming in 2016. On peak days and go over 10,000 people. The lament about the fatal onslaught of the masses has been one hundred years to the rite of the locals and the foreigners. Strange. Despite the Andrangs still everyone is looking for a spell that trampled long and stifled his would

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The main attractions, so the places where the magic of 10.4 square kilometers manifested supposedly can, who wants and get organized well, actually scour one day in the course. Then you have seen but not explored and understood. Dieter Richter, born in 1938, emeritus professor of literature and a profound knowledge of the region, chooses in his book “The island of Capri. A portrait of” the opposite approach. He does not follow a tour of the island, but seeks its bright, complex beings to communicate by illuminates the work of art in the sea under various aspects. The various strata and their interactions are evident among themselves and in time, so the morphology of the island society of its inhabitants (more than 4,000 in the 19th century, today at 14,000), the artifacts (paths, stairs, buildings, gardens) art and architecture, historic events, spiritual superstructure (myths, legends, philosophies, ideologies, Atmospheric, Transfiguration).

According to characterize the nine main chapters Capri as a counterpoint to the mainland, as divided, therapeutic, cosmopolitan, political island when the island of Tiberius, as a Utopia and the no-longer-island. Each of these major themes is initially linked to a prominent position from which the considerations take their output as Piazzetta and Villa Jovis, Marina Grande and Cimitero acattolico. The five to ten Unterkapitelchen further differentiate: The island circle – Here you are healthy – the blue fire of romance – the world save of Capri – the favorite island of fascism

Of course, the author is the song of. even liked to follow siren, but not blindly fall. Anyway, the 170 pages of text are saturated with sharp observations of the sometimes not so heavenly, but rather frightening proportions, with unexpected insights into intimate, unusual sources (such as letters, grave stones, guest books), with sober analysis. Here draws a highly educated comprising well-read expert on unlimited resources of his treasure, and the reader enjoys the journey, not least in essay trained thanks, precise language that stimulates and maintains, with trivia, like wise insights.

at the end of the book you are familiar with the nature of this island, and in passing has the romantics, mystics, world fugitives, erotic, seeking healing, avant-garde, hermit, Wheeler, do-gooders, investors, decadent, writers and sunbathers visited every important place many more times, depending on the context. The author remains the precepts of scientific work faithfully (footnotes, meticulous source and Literaturnachweisung, at best one might the lack of a register and a better map complain), but (if the opposition is because a) it devours as an amateur sides eagerly and happily.

read Before Capri visit this nuanced portrait mood for the dream destination in the Gulf of Naples. Locally it complements the guide – and for the lucky ones who can follow long the siren song several days, it will replace it completely


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