SimpliSafe 12-Piece Home Security System with HD Camera & Smoke Detector

Home security is an attractive idea for a lot of people, myself included. The ability to easily keep your family and home secure is something most people would like. Thanks to the current technological advancements, we can do exactly that with smart home security systems.

What makes them ‘smart’ is that they utilize internet availability in conjunction with existing smart systems in the house. This gives a complete layer of protection over your house, family, and posessions. These days, there is a wide variety of home security systems to choose from.

However, testing them out, reviewing them, getting acquainted with different systems is something that is not feasible for many people. Some also do not find the idea of being bound to a contract particularly appealing. That does not mean you need to settle for anything less. It just means you need to be smart and thorough in your research, and I’m going to make that easy for you by reviewing one of the most popular home security systems.

SimpliSafe 12- Piece Home Security System with HD Camera and Smoke Detector is the solution for someone who does not want to be tied down to a contract. SimpliSafe is wireless and the system is a ‘do-it-yourself’ setup that can easily be assembled using the given manual. This means you do not have to wait for a professional to show up and set time aside to install the whole thing. You can easily do it yourself at a time you find suitable.

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Being a DIY installation, you can take it with you when you move. There are no headaches about contract cancellations or fees. This makes it a good investment in home security and is what sets SimpliSafe apart from competitors.

The SimpliSafe Home Security System comes with features like fire and water detectors as well as intruder detectors. It is a smart system, meaning you can enable automation in your home via smart systems. For people with a busy life, this means they will not have to worry about things like turning the lights on and off. The system requires payment for features such as the ability to communicate remotely via text or email alerts, remotely operating via the app, or contacting local police or fire departments. For $24.95 a month, you get interactive monitoring, which includes text alerts, customize settings on the system, and turn the system on and off at will. SimpleSafe has details of each paid level on their official website. The kit includes sensors that are pre-programmed to work right out the box. You also have the option to add extra sensors once you set up an account.

Coming to the pros of this particular smart home security system, Amazon buyers were thrilled about the ease of installing the setup, with average time taking 30 minutes. Along with that, it was voted as very easy to use, due to the ability to activate or deactivate it even while traveling since the whole system is wireless. One of the biggest attractive factor is complete freedom from monitoring contracts, being charged a monthly fee instead, with the ability to cancel anytime without penalty. SimpliSafe Home Security System does not pressurize into them taking care of the installation and most people were sold on the no-contract fact alone. In case of power cut, there is a 48 hour backup and uses a default T-Mobile cellular system provider instead of relying on WiFi. This is agreed among Amazon users as a very big plus point with regards to security as it means the system cannot be disabled by cutting power or phone lines. SimpliSafe also has started offering Verizon as a cell provider alternative. The system as a whole is on the affordable side and can be controlled via an app. The sensors were something that people were impressed with. You can add-on components like smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors for your setup. Default sensors include ‘glass break’ detector which detects glass breaking in a room without having to invest one sensor for every window. The whole system is very customizable via the website.

The cons are something that may not bother a large number of people, but they exist. One of the biggest one as detailed by Amazon customers was that the keypad does not light up at all. This means you may have trouble seeing what you’re doing in a shaded room, and false alarms are a possibility in that case. To set up sensors, the overwhelming advice was to use screws instead of the provided double sided tape, as they could fall and potentially trigger a false alarm. Some users report that a professional thief could potentially bypass the whole system via cell phone scrambler devices. However, this is a flaw in most security systems and to mitigate it, users suggest having decals outside for a different security system than the one you actually have.

The keyfob is recommended to be kept on you at all times and preferably not in a place where you can accidentally hit a button. Any one with the keyfob can use it to enter the house, despite not having a PIN, which users found a major flaw in the system. Again, these negatives require a little bit of vigilance and thoroughness so they should not be a problem for most buyers. It is important to remember that no smart home security is a 100% safe and effective 100% of the time. Most people did not have an issue with the SimpliSafe itself, but with the customer support system, with it being reported as unhelpful and frustrating. Keeping that in mind, most users were quite satisfied with their purchase and the value for money the SimpliSafe Home Security System gave. It does what it was designed to do, provide an alarm system for your house.

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