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The Will to Power in the Book, Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche
Words • 747
Pages • 3
The will to power is a big focus in Nietzsche’s book “Good and Evil”. In his book, he talked about will to power as force that drive humanity. For this essay, I will talk about the will to power of an individual, and the will to power in a group I think there is a difference between the two and also how the group affects an individual’s will to power. “A living thing seeks above all to discharge its strength—life…...
DesireGood And EvilMetaphysics
A Look Into Biological Determinism & Social Constructionism 
Words • 845
Pages • 4
In the article, “The Social Construction of Gender” by Judith Lorber, she discusses the fabrication of gender as a mass media manipulation. She goes into how gender is so bred into us, that we just associate it with our genes. Lorber does an excellent job of shining light on the issue of how we as humans, create “gender” from our everyday human interaction, social life, and the order of our social life. The main point that Lorber is trying to…...
A Comparison of the Views of John Locke and Jean-Paul Sartre on the Topic of Determinism Versus Free Will
Words • 1115
Pages • 5
Many philosophers hover over the topic of determinism versus free will; do we live in a world where individuals can choose, think, and act voluntarily, where their actions can change the outcomes of events, or do we live in a deterministic world, where all outcomes and events are set to occur and avoiding them is impossible. John Locke believed in a deterministic world, where individuals cannot change the outcomes of events; in contrast, Jean-Paul Sartre believed in a world where individuals make their…...
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Thomas Nagel’s Argument on the Incompatibility of Determinism With Free Will
Words • 472
Pages • 2
Thomas Nagel states that determinism and free will are two incompatible with one another as they completely contradict one another. Thomas Nagel states that in determinism, people do not have free will as the universe brings out the totality of circumstance that leads you to do certain actions, such as eating a cake instead f  of a peach. As free will is an act where you, yourself choose what to do and carefree to act differently, dedeterminingwhere you could,t is…...
The Argument Between Free Will and Determinism
Words • 1153
Pages • 5
The argument between free will and determinism has been contended about for hundreds of years. What are the main differences between the two viewpoints? If a person were to look in a dictionary, free will would be defined as the power, attributed to human beings, to freely make choices that are unimpeded by outside conditions or by an agency that would control such things as fate or divine will. Free will lets humans make choices of their own. On the other side of…...
An Explanation of Human Behavior Through Social Determinism
Words • 499
Pages • 2
Human behavior is the product of millions of years, and throughout our existence, our behavior has always been the subject of profound research and questioning. There exists a great diversity of various social, anthropological, or psychological theories, which tend to explain human nature and analyze our behavior by this or that particular idea. Such theories are known as deterministic ones, as they seek the clue in just one area of human performance. Among such an abundance of theories, it is…...
Understanding the Existence of Free Will and Determinism
Words • 701
Pages • 3
Does free will exist? On the surface, the answer may seem obvious free will exists. If you are hungry, you can choose to go grab a bag of potato chips or a yogurt. Do we have the ability to make conscious decisions in our lives or do we? If you dig a little deeper, the idea that free will doesn't exist doesn't sound so absurd. If all of our decisions are based on some combination of our genetic predisposition, environmental influences, and…...
The Effects of Determinism, Compatibilism, and Free Will on Our Actions and Responsibility
Words • 1997
Pages • 8
Whether our actions are free, predetermined, or both is a topic that has been widely debated and remains unclear today. Is the relationship between our actions and responsibility accurately described by determinism, compatibilism, or free will? Analyzing the nature and implications of both free will and determinism reveals that neither one of the two completely accounts for all of our actions. We are not completely free when making our decisions because everything is a chain of cause and effect, with…...
A View on the Existentialism and Human Freedom by Jean Paul Sartre
Words • 665
Pages • 3
In “Existentialism and Human Freedom”, the author, Jean Paul Sartre, discussesexistence and identity. The first main point is that in terms of humans, “existence precedes essence.” Essence makes a thing what it is. It is how we categorize things. It is a summation of all the qualities of an object or a person that we are able to observe. It comes after existence because, according to Sartre, we are bom blank and develop our essense after coming into existence. This…...
Philosophical TheoriesTabula Rasa
The Social Problem of Gun Violence in the United States
Words • 483
Pages • 2
             Gun Violence Gun violence in the U.S. can exhibit many different aspects from the modem liberal theories of Kant, Locke, and Smith. First, Kant’s exploration of social criticism can play a key role in why people participate in gun violence. Not all, but many perpetrators who use firearms to harm people in their community feel victimized or threatened by the structure or acts of society. A key example of this can be seen in…...
Philosophical TheoriesTabula Rasa
A Discussion on Whether Ideas Are Innate
Words • 1032
Pages • 5
"Ideas are innate", discuss Innatism is the theory that we are born with knowledge and ideas, meaning that from the moment we are born, we all start with certain innate ideas. Rene Descartes was one such believer in innate knowledge. Descartes was a skeptic and doubted everything. The reason Descartes did not doubt innate ideas was that some ideas had no satisfactory empirical origin, and so he thought there was no other explanation than that we are born with these…...
Philosophical TheoriesTabula Rasa
The Origins and Meaning of Knowledge and Tabula Rasa
Words • 1291
Pages • 6
How knowledge is obtained is a question that has been studied for years. Knowledge is something one gains throughout life. From the time of birth, knowledge begins. A group of philosophers stated the mind was a Tabula Rusa. This means the mind begins like a blank sheet of paper. So, if the mind begins as they suggested how does one gain knowledge. As humans, it is assumed that all people have knowledge. But what exactly is knowledge defined as and…...
Philosophical TheoriesTabula Rasa
An Analysis of John Locke’s Theory of Tabula Rasa
Words • 753
Pages • 4
The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries represented a period in which radical changes took place in society. John Locke's theory of tabula rasa described how the "mind was like a blank sheet of paper upon which ideas are imprinted" (Ozmon and Graver 145). In short, his theory rationalized that all ideas are derived from experience by way of sensation and reflection. At the time, his theory had to potential to nullify divine right, the estate system, and any institution that denied…...
PhilosophyTabula Rasa
People Are Born From Scratch
Words • 816
Pages • 4
There are quite a few contributors of empiricism. Empiricism as define from the textbook states “the pursuit of knowledge through the observation of nature and the attribution of all knowledge to experience.” There are also different contributions of empiricism from different contributors including primary role of the process of sensation, analysis of conscious experience into elements, association, and the focus on conscious processes. Besides Comte and Barkley who laid the foundation of positivism and materialism Locke, James Mill and John…...
ExperienceMindTabula Rasa
Distinction of the Philosophies of Locke and Descartes
Words • 1493
Pages • 6
When I think of something significant that indicates the concept of knowledge, I think of Epistemology. This is one of the most significant divisions of philosophy. There has been numerous of efforts by philosophers to find the source of knowledge. Knowledge is the ethics or principles by which we can criticize the dependability of knowledge itself. Even though we are sometimes shocked to realize that something that we once believed in or still do believe in was sure and certain,…...
IdealismMindTabula Rasa
Out the Existent of Human Mind
Words • 410
Pages • 2
Mind has been variously definite as responsible for one’s emotional and cognitive mental functions, a few of them are such as feelings, intelligent and perceptive (Pandya, 2011). Hippocrates makes a clear linkage between mental functions as we understand them (‘mind’) and the structure that produces it (brain) and in his book De anima (On the soul), he states that Aristotle (384 BC–322 BC) thinks that man is born with a blank slate (tabula rasa) on which knowledge are gain through…...
KnowledgeMenoTabula Rasa
Rise in Education in America
Words • 3183
Pages • 13
When Christopher Columbus discovered America, a rush of people fled there to seek a better life. The Europeans wanted to travel to the New World for three reasons, religiously, for fame, and to be economically better. People wanted to spread Christianity to the Native Americans where missionaries would sail to the New World to convert the Native Americans to Christianity. Some went to the New World in search of new lands to conquer to be glorified back when they go…...
AmericasEducationTabula Rasa
Final Paper Focus on Generic Rhetorical Criticism
Words • 456
Pages • 2
Scholars in the field of speech communication have described genres as generalizations and have been defined by context similarities in ways of thinking, situations, and audiences with the expectation that these similarities will result in similar types of rhetoric. Rhetorical genres are a fusion of elements that consist of substantive, stylistic and situational characteristics where the key idea or organizing principle (root term or label) is formed by the set of interdependent features of the genre. Generic criticism is a…...
Black Lives MatterCriticism
Romanticism as Linked to Conservatism
Words • 1125
Pages • 5
The Europe that emerged after the Napoleonic wars was an unsettled one. The French and Industrial revolutions had caused profound changes in men's outlook, and had broadened the political horizon. The ancient regime would never again be seen as the only possible form of government. A new economy and society were in the process of being created. This was a period in which many nascent ideologies jostled for space. Although the orchestrators of the 'Concert of Europe' strove to re-establish…...
Age Of EnlightenmentCultureFrancePhilosophical TheoriesPolitics
My Strengths
Words • 2699
Pages • 11
The following sample essay on "My Strengths" tells a reflective essay based on my strengths and virtues, as I sat still glazing onto the empty blue sky with a pen clutched in my one hand and a paper on the other hand. I asked myself a lot of questions, where will I begin and where will I end? The first step I had to do in other to tackle this task which seemed like a daunting one, was to take…...
Joe Fu. Mr Devine
Words • 1872
Pages • 8
Joe FuMr DevineENG4UJanuary 12th. 2018The Meaning of the lifePeople-centered and respects individuality and freedom. People live in a meaningless universe, and human existence itself has no meaning, but people can self-create, self-achieve, live wonderfully on the basis of their original existence, and thus have meaning. This is the definition of existentialism. Existentialism is one of the main schools of contemporary Western philosophy. Existentialism is a very broad philosophical school, which mainly includes the existentialism of theism, atheism existentialism and humanitarian…...
ExistenceMetaphysicsPhilosophical Theories
The morality of pornography
Words • 919
Pages • 4
The following sample essay on The morality of pornography tells about ethical theories. In this paper, I will be analyzing the morality of pornography based off two ethical theories. The two ethical theories in which I will be analyzing is Kants Deontology and Aristotle's Virtue Ethics. The viewpoints of pornography are on one side it is viewed as degrading to women and often considered obscene. On the other hand, the other viewpoint could be it is pleasurable to a viewer,…...
EthicsPhilosophical TheoriesPornographyProstitutionReason
Francis Schaeffer “How Should We Then Live?”
Words • 784
Pages • 4
The following sample essay on "Francis Schaeffer "How Should We Then Live?"": according to Schaeffer (2005), the intended audience is first and foremost for all Christians while basically stating that it is evident that Christians do not need to be the majority to make a difference in society. However, the primary purpose of Francis Schaeffer's book "How Should We Then Live?" is to illustrate how Western culture and history of the Roman Empire are entwined to our present-day with a…...
ChristianityCommon SenseCulturePhilosophical TheoriesReasonTruth
Evolutionary Theory And Psychology
Words • 590
Pages • 3
The assumptions made on early life have limited knowledge on scientific techniques and the overall science used in determining our ancestral past. Though, observations that are made of our ancestors are based on the concept of the new theory, does that diminish the idea of using old observation? But, oddly enough, the majority of that observation coincides with the way we act now, instead of focusing on why we act that way and what could have possibly caused it. A…...
Own Opinion With Strong Conviction
Words • 770
Pages • 4
The following sample essay on: "Own Opinion With Strong Conviction". It all depends in the situation because there is no such thing as an absolute measure to solve problems from the smallest to the largest kind of it. Being a typical person who lives in the perspective of right and wrong, good and bad, makes you have your own opinion with strong beliefs on certain issues covering earth. But sometimes even your strongest belief could be shaken by the arguments…...
EthicsPhilosophical TheoriesTortureUtilitarianism
“Richard III” & “Looking for Richard”
Words • 1162
Pages • 5
It is through the shaping of canonical texts that human experiences are reflected that connect to the values of their time. Composers are linked to the context of the various times, and they create ideas about those values through texts in order to convey universal meaning. These ideas are reshaped over time as ideologies are shifted throughout the evolution of humanity. Through Richard III, Shakespeares characterisation is moulded to shape ideas about ambition and morality through the desire of corruptive…...
MoralityPhilosophical TheoriesPostmodernismWilliam Shakespeare
The Journey of Art’s Essay
Words • 838
Pages • 4
The journey of Art’s understandings and knowledge of Vladek’s narrative, us as the audience, view the whole entire Maus widely to discover the damage that Vladek had to encounter while in the battle of war plus the added ordeal Art had to endure because of the fact he was a 2 generation fighter and survivor of the devastating holocaust. Because the writing of the text is based around an expedition of fight or flight persistence of surviving for Art and…...
CriticismHellMausThe HolocaustWar
Contrasting Theories About Life After Death
Words • 710
Pages • 3
The following sample essay on Contrasting Theories About Life After Death tells about the theory of life after death in terms of different religions. Paintings of Heaven inform humans that it is beyond the clouds and is where a throne is sat on by Almighty God, assessing the Earth with his angels flying around. Heaven is often depicted as a place of love, amusement, exemption from discomfort and a chance to be reunited with loved ones. Some Christians have different…...
Julie BlackRubinsteinENC11021 May 2019 Existentialism in
Words • 1450
Pages • 6
Julie BlackRubinsteinENC-11021 May 2019Existentialism in HamletExistentialism is a Twentieth-Century philosophical belief which focuses on the idea that existence precedes essence, and the freedom of choice one has. This idea argues that in the process of human existence, people define themselves and the world within their own thoughts, and wander between choice, freedom, and existential angst. In reading William Shakespeare’s, Hamlet, one can observe that although this play predates the coining of Existentialism, it features key characteristics of this philosophical movement.…...
ExistenceMetaphysicsPhilosophical Theories
About Two Philosophers
Words • 1703
Pages • 7
The following sample essay on "About Two Philosophers": about compare and contrast two philosophers. Philosophers are essential in the provision of both knowledge and critical analyses. Some of the theories and disciplines that are postulated by philosophers are essential to set the path that the community should follow to live as a unit. In this aspect, Paulo Freire and Emmanuel Kant are the philosophers that I will focus on. In his ideas, Freire's have been significant tools in influencing other…...
AstronomyCategorical ImperativeCultureEpistemologyEthicsPedagogy Of The Oppressed
Words • 1768
Pages • 8
The following sample essay on Socrates deals with Socrates and his defense. Does Socrates Allow his Enemies to win by Staying and Accepting his Sentence? Support Your Answer With Quotations From The Crito, Apology and Euthyphro Dialogues. Socrates allows his enemies to win by staying and accepting his sentence. From the onset of the case, Socrates fails to put a strong defense on his innocence. Rather, he appears unconcerned about the case brought against him. He is rude, arrogant, and…...
Death PenaltyEthicsEuthyphroPhilosophical TheoriesSocratesVirtue
It is better to take many small steps in the right direction
Words • 1157
Pages • 5
“It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.”The one thing that prevents you from attaining your goal is your behaviour. Nothing is impossible to achieve unless you decide to do it at all costs. People usually look for short cuts and want to accomplish their goals in one night. This perception allows them to fall back or face failure as they put themselves in false…...
A Good Man Is Hard To FindBook SummaryConfidenceCriticismHopeHuman Nature
The Sound And The Fury Essay Topics
Words • 2088
Pages • 9
The following academic paper highlights the up-to-date issues and questions of The Sound And The Fury Essay Topics. This sample provides just some ideas on how this topic can be analyzed and discussed. The Sound and The Fury by V. Faulkner The Sound and the Fury took Faulkner three years to write first published in 1929. It is a story in which many of the southern themes are woven into an artful and compelling tale of an aristocratic agrarian family…...
CultureMetaphysicsModern Day SlaverySlaveryThe Sound And The FuryTime
Can We Trust Our Senses
Words • 1593
Pages • 7
This essay sample essay on Can We Trust Our Senses offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion are provided below.The world is a big place, filled with people full of curiosity and with their own individual quests. People are constantly talking, looking, hearing, smelling, and gaining knowledge from things and people from their environment. The scope of knowledge gained on a day to day basis is therefore vast.…...
Body LanguageEpistemologyLanguageTruth
Ethics Of Prostitution
Words • 2094
Pages • 9
The sample paper on Ethics Of Prostitution familiarizes the reader with the topic-related facts, theories and approaches. Scroll down to read the entire paper.Prostitution: In the End, There’s Nothing Wrong with It. Prostitution is defined by Florida State Statute 796. 07 in 1994 as “the giving or receiving of the body for sexual activity for hire but excludes sexual activity between spouses” (“Legal Definition of Prostitution”). Though it has been illegalized, an age old discrepancy dealing with the morality and…...
Categorical ImperativeCrimeEthicsMetaphysicsMoralityPhilosophical Theories
Power Is the Main Goal in the Life of Gorgias
Words • 2035
Pages • 9
This sample paper on The Gorgias offers a framework of relevant facts based on the recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body and conclusion of the paper below. What starts off as a discussion surrounding rhetoric, within the Gorgias, quickly but unsurprisingly transcends into a dialogue concerning the nature of virtuex of which the notions of freedom and power are intrinsically linked. Plato has the dialogue played out between Socrates and four others. Gorgias a famous Sophist…...
Philosophical TheoriesRhetoric
Soul Essay
Words • 1683
Pages • 7
The sample essay on Soul Essay deals with a framework of research-based facts, approaches and arguments concerning this theme. To see the essay's introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, read on.Patrick McCleery Essay I: Lucretius and Plato on the Mortality of the Soul In this essay it will be argued that the soul is mortal and does not survive the death of the body. As support, the following arguments from Lucretius will be examined: the “proof from the atomic structure of…...
ArgumentsEpistemologyLogicMetaphysicsPhilosophical Theories
Jean Piaget Theory Of Cognitive Development
Words • 1465
Pages • 6
This essay sample on Jean Piaget Theory Of Cognitive Development provides all necessary basic info on this matter, including the most common "for and against" arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.Theories of Cognitive Development: An insight to the theories of Piaget, Information-processing and Vygotsky How do we learn? How do we grow? Over the years, psychologists have studied to great lengths the processes that humans go through as they progress from infancy to adulthood.…...
Educational TechnologyHuman NatureJean PiagetMetaphysicsPsychologyTechnology
Finitude Existentialism
Words • 1594
Pages • 7
The following example essay on "Finitude Existentialism" by will endeavor to evaluate the problems that may arise from such a view on existence, and ascertain how death factors in to the Existentialist view. We often recognise human beings as being distinct from other species for the ability to anticipate death. But “death” can simply mean one’s biological termination and therefore not capture fully the philosophical questions which we associate with human existence. Critically discuss why an existentialist might prefer to…...
ExistenceExistentialismMetaphysicsPhilosophical Theories
Swami Vivekananda’s Views On Education
Words • 2070
Pages • 9
This essay sample essay on Swami Vivekananda's Views On Education offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion are provided below.Swami Vivekananda realizes that mankind is passing through a crisis. The tremendous emphasis on the scientific and mechanical ways of life is fast reducing man to the status of a machine. Moral and religious values are being undermined. The fundamental principles of civilization are being ignored. Conflicts of ideals,…...
CultureEducationMetaphysicsNursingPhilosophical TheoriesPoverty And Education
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