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Self Reflection Exercise
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Self-Reflection Exercise – Many Me’s Questionnaire Words or phrases I use to describe my physical self 1. I am 5’4” with blue eyes and a bright smile Self-reflection Exercise 2. I am petite____________________________________ 3. I am graceful________________________________________ 4. I am athletic___________________________________________ 5. I am beautiful__________________________________________ Words or phrases I use to describe my personality 6. I am loyal__________________________________ 7. I am cautious____________________________ 8. I am impatient____________________________________ 9. I am adventurous and out-going_______________________________ 10. I am contemplative________________________________________ Words or phrases I…...
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Ethical Self Reflection Essay
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AbstractionIn many instances. a individual must take between two or more “rights” that may or may non aline with both one’s lesson and ethical criterions. The care-based. rule-based. ends-based thought to get at a determination instead than apologizing after the fact are necessary for analysing ethical quandary ( Hughes. Ginnett. & A ; Curphy. 2012. pp. 164-165 ) . The self-reflection needed to place one’s cardinal nature. and to understand the ethical motives. moralss and values one uses to do…...
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