An Explanation of Human Behavior Through Social Determinism

Topics: Determinism

Human behavior is the product of millions of years, and throughout our existence, our behavior has always been the subject of profound research and questioning. There exists a great diversity of various social, anthropological, or psychological theories, which tend to explain human nature and analyze our behavior by this or that particular idea.

Such theories are known as deterministic ones, as they seek the clue in just one area of human performance. Among such an abundance of theories, it is sometimes puzzling to choose the one, which you truly stick to and find convincing and just.

The main theories proposed within the framework of determinism are physical, psychological, biological (genetic), social and religious determinism.

Yet, in my consideration, social determinism, as opposed to religious determinism, explains human interactions, and the formationrelationshipsship along with their environment more thoroughly and has more groundings, particularly considering the 21st-century reality.

Social determinism is a theory, which sees the root of any human undertaking in all the social relationships that surround us.

According to this theory,y our actions, behavior, attitude, and thoughts are predetermined by the ideology and the rules existing in society.

This, in its turn, dictates the nature of interactions and relations between people. In other words, an individual is trapped in a social construct (reality), which guides him/her throughout their whole life. Another widespread definition of social determinism came to be technological determinism. This is quite consequential, as technology is the cornerstone determinant of modern communication. One of the profound reasons that convince me of the topicality and validity of the given theory is the engagement of the majority of my friends in a social network and the way it shapes their everyday constructs and affects their way of thinking.

On the contrary, as it can be inferred from the term, religious determinism views God and religion as a guiding force and power, which seems to limit human free will. People sticking to this theory believe that the e events in their lives are predetermined and their fate is destined by God.

However, in my perception, it is quite dangerous in the first place to focus on just one area of human performance. Human nature is versatile, and we cannot simply be analyzed through the prism of one approach or a separate aspect of our behavior.

Furthermore, each field of science has its perspective and scientists construct hypotheses and assumptions narrowed down to that specific field. On the other hand, I view social determinism as the type of theory, which is more or less capable of objectively assessing human performance in correspondence with modern developments and types of interactions. A large part of my considerations may be dominated by the advent and instant development of technologies. Yet, I do believe that our relationship with the peopwithounding us is predetermined by our internal thoughts and the types of popular communications imposed on society. In contrast to the theory of religious determinism, social determinism has a closer look at human nature.

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