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Mushaf Novel Analysis
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“Mushaf” is an excellent and marvelous piece of work by “Nimra Ahmad”. The novel is beautifully woven itself. The opening of this novel is full of suspense which draws the reader towards giving full attention and consideration till the end of the novel. The strings of the novel are not intermingled even at a single point and all the things are clear and well-defined throughout. As far as public inspiration is concerned, one can get a lot from it. Beauty…...
The Beatitudes
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The beatitudes, or the commandments of blessedness, given us by the Saviour, do not in anyway annul the commandments of the Law. On the contrary, these commandments complement each other. The Ten Commandments of the Law are restricted to prohibiting those acts which would be sinful. The Beatitudes explain to us how we may attain Christian perfection or grace. The Ten Commandments were given in Old Testament times to restrain wild, primitive people from evil. The Beatitudes are given to…...
Relationship between knowledge and emotion
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"There can be no knowledge without emotion ... until we have felt the force of the knowledge, it is not ours." (adapted from Arnold Bennett). Discuss this vision of the relationship between knowledge and emotion. The role of emotion has, for a long time, been downplayed in majority of our societies; people try to distinguish and thus diminish its significance by attempting to separate it distinctively from other aspects like 'reasoning'. This is possibly due to the fact that people's emotions…...
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