People And Circumstances That Try to Lead us Astray

Throughout our lives, there are people and circumstances that tries to pull us back from our path of prosperity. There would be people along the way that will tell you that you can’t do it, and there would always be challenges along the way that might make you feel like quitting. But the experiences in my life taught me that to achieve your goal in life, it doesn’t matter what the obstacles are, you can always overcome it with hardwork and by being patience along the way.

Growing up with people who were smarter than me always made me feel jealous. My parents always had high expectations from me even though I wasn’t that smart.

I always felt pressure for not meeting my parents expectation. Studying was never my thing but I always did it knowing the importance of it. I didn’t know how to meet my parents expectations but one day my AVID teacher told the class “You can achieve nothing in life without hard work.

Zero successful you know that didn’t do hard work to get there where they are, success is impossible without any hard work.” I took his word seriously and started to go tutoring and ask for any help I could get (school related).  My grades started to change significantly! From then I keep in mind that hard work is the main key toward success. To accomplish something in life is impossible without hard work. An inactive person can never earn anything in life if they sit and wait for the opportunities to come for them.

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The person who works hard is able to earn a good, happy, and prosperous life.

Nothing in life is easy to achieve without putting hard work. Being lazy and wasting time in life would earn you nothing but it would sure destroy your future. People will always tell you about hard work but if you are not patience it would be hard for you to achieve anything. Sometimes we work so hard and don’t get the results we wanted but then we feel like all our hard work went in vain because we are so impatience that we want the result right away. Like I mentioned above another key element toward success is being patience but being impatience can do exact the opposite. For example, sometimes we don’t take an assignment because it seems hard, or appears too lengthy. Also, if something happens which is completely out of our control, we stress out and lose focus.

From my experience, doing those stuff can ruin your all hard work you put in. Sometimes it might take years of patience for the result to come of the hard work you put in and it can be frustrating but it will eventually come and that will be one of the happiest day of your life. In contrast, hard work is very important to achieve our goal and we should always be working hard because it pays off. And we should never be impatience and lose focus toward our goal to success. Keep working hard in silence and let your success make noise. These are the personal characteristics I have that will enable me to accomplish the goals I have set for myself toward success.

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