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Free essays on Tolerance provide readers with an insight into the importance of tolerance in today's interconnected and diverse global community. Tolerance is a vital aspect of mutual respect, empathy, and understanding. These essays highlight the importance of tolerance in achieving peaceful coexistence in society, fostering healthy relationships in personal and professional settings, and promoting cultural diversity. The essays also explore various factors that hinder the development of tolerance and suggest ways to address them. Overall, these essays encourage readers to embrace tolerance as an essential value for building a more harmonious and inclusive society.
Maddow on Pope’s Gay Tolerance and US Police Brutality
Words • 324
Pages • 2
News Stories - Rachel Maddow Show Rachel Maddow reports on how the Pope has come to the US as part of a tour. The gay community in Uganda are hoping that this part of the tour will make the Pope more tolerant towards them. Ted Cruz was also a part of a conference that included extremists who cited the Bible as justifying executing homosexuals and abortion doctors. The Cruz campaign had no comment when asked about their relations to the…...
The Importance of Education and Tolerance in Ending Stereotypes in Society
Words • 860
Pages • 4
One Part Education, One Part Tolerance: Ending the Plague of Stereotypes We have sat for too long, and now that we are regressing rather than progressing, people have begun to stand up again because something is jeopardizing their well being, something within their own communities, something within the heart of the nation as people turn to hatred because their comfortable sheltered lives have been threatened. They have been beckoned to serve. There is no use talking about how we came…...
Cultural Identity Issues in Murder in Amsterdam
Words • 953
Pages • 4
Theo Van Gogh was a controversial and eccentric filmmaker who was murdered on November 2, 2004 by Mohammed Bouyeri, an Islamic terrorist (Buruma). In “Murder in Amsterdam", Ian Buruma uses this incident to exemplify factors which contribute to cultural tension in Liberal Europe, and, more specifically, Dutch society. Ian Buruma poses cultural identity issues, failure to provide infrastructure for successful integration, and the failure of multiculturalism as factors which threaten the social fabric of Dutch society in the early 21st…...
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No Tolerance for Insect Parts in Food
Words • 493
Pages • 2
Our Money to the Honest People In the article, “Bug heads, rat hairs - bon appitit," by Mary Roach, it discusses the topic of food contamination. Roach points out how much insects parts are allowed to be found in food while still being approved by the FDA. In the FDA “Filth labs," can allow for there to be 60 thrips in frozen broccoli and five milligrams of rat poop in every single pound of sesame seeds. These "standards," are not…...
Ontario Consultants On Religious Tolerance
Words • 1443
Pages • 6
To see the essay's introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, read on. Hinduism; organized religion or compilation of smaller belief systems? Some would argue that Hinduism is a combination of both of those terms and much more. What encompasses the Hindu religion? Why do people of today, even in modern America still practice a faith that some may even consider paganism? In comparison to the dominant monotheistic religion of Christianity, where does the Hindu religion rank? Although Hinduism is not the…...
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Why You Must Be Constantly Changing
Words • 500
Pages • 2
Embrace uncertainty. Acceptance is not tolerance. Don't close the window! Let the sunshine in. Change can be sunshine if you let it in. If not you, then who? If not now, then when? I know making a big life change is scary. You may ask me will it be easy, the answer is definite no. Worth it? Absolutely! What is intelligence? Anyone can define intelligence because intelligence is an umbrella that has much room for interpretation. I define intelligence as…...
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Example Of Tolerance In Society
Words • 282
Pages • 2
Lack of Tolerance The lack of tolerance in society is shown throughout history, from the Holocaust to the racial controversy of modern times. The archetypal titles that apply to Totalities in The Mists of Valor reveals Marion Simmer Barley’s didactic purpose to communicate that tolerance is key in an Ideal society. Totalities believes “It makes no difference what words [they] use to tell the same truths,” the priests’ bigotry causes them to think and preach to others that “The Devil…...
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Why You Must Be Constantly Changing
...Postponing or resisting them makes the change painful. Some people prefer to spend lives doing the same things and avoiding change like the tree. During bad weather, the tree stands tall and proud and doesn't sway the way the wind blows, they resist....
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