No Tolerance for Insect Parts in Food

Our Money to the Honest People

In the article, “Bug heads, rat hairs – bon appitit,” by Mary Roach, it discusses the topic of food contamination. Roach points out how much insects parts are allowed to be found in food while still being approved by the FDA. In the FDA “Filth labs,” can allow for there to be 60 thrips in frozen broccoli and five milligrams of rat poop in every single pound of sesame seeds. These “standards,” are not tolerable to many as consumers.

The United States Food and Drug Administration should implement a no tolerance act to prevent any signs of insect parts in food. One may argue that a tiny amount of insect parts in food is a perfectly acceptable standard because insect parts are not severe health hazard. Ludwig from the FDA, “filth lab,” states that, “none of this filth is bad for you.” Although this may be true, it still leaves the cleanliness of the warehouses and factories that package food to question.

Companies that sell food containing insect parts do not deserve to do business and make profit off of the American consumer. If there was a no tolerance plan, then many businesses will either go out of business or give them incentive to work harder to ensure a clean workplace. Overall, the few remaining business that still follow a no tolerance plan for insect parts will allow the people to buy only from them thus being better for society. It ensures people are putting honest effort to ensure that everyone else is buying high quality produce.

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The reason why there should be no tolerance for finding insect parts in food is the fact that the American public is not informed of this. No information about the amount of insect parts is displayed on the ingredient list. Ludwig states that,” the insects she typically deals with wouldn’t impart much flavor.” However, people who maintain a vegetarian, or vegan diet may be outraged to discover that their food is contaminated by the very thing that their beliefs go against. If consumers wanted to eat insects then they would do so by buying edible insects individually. The customer has the right to buy food the he or she wants without the government choosing for them. The purpose of the Food and Drug Administration should be to ensure that the companies are honest to its consumers, not to allow them to keep making money they do not deserve.

The FDA may approve a limited amount of insect parts in food because it will not kill the consumer but it should strive on trying to keep the public at its healthiest, not just keeping them alive. With this said, the FDA should enact a no tolerance plan for insect parts in America’s produce. This way, the consumers are only allowed to buy high quality food and that their money will stay out of the hands of companies that do not deserve it.

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