The Honesty and Patience of Job

In the Book of job, it is a common belief that job is a very patient man. However, he acts out in many ways, such as tearing his clothes, shaving his head. and even wishing that he had never even been born. Job still keeps his faith in God, throughout all the pain and suffering God allows Satan to put him through which is truly remarkable. I personally do not know if I would be able to endure such hardships and not give up on God, at least for a period of time, but he somehow maintains his faith.

However, Job’s faith in God changes here and there, and he even wishes he had a mediator at some point to help their relationship because he is so unsure of what God sees in him and all of humanity. WhileJob still believes in God and has faith in him, he continues to try and find ways to connect with God and displays his impatience by doing so.

He just wants to know more so he can ultimately connect with God in a better way, but by doing this he is lacking in trust and patience of God. Job even at one point wishes to confront God and complain to him for letting innocent people suffer while letting wicked people suffer. This is a big display in his impatience, but to me it still seems as though Job is keeping his faith in the lord, just becoming more and more impatient in the process.

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I truly admire how much Job is able to endure, but I do not necessarily see him as a patient man. A truly patient man would have kept his faith throughout all of these hardships without wavering and not sought out other ways to get to the bottom of things until God came through for him.

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