“Mushaf” is an excellent and marvelous piece of work by “Nimra Ahmad”

The novel is beautifully woven itself. The opening of this novel is full of suspense which draws the reader towards giving full attention and consideration till the end of the novel. The strings of the novel are not intermingled even at a single point and all the things are clear and well-defined throughout. As far as public inspiration is concerned, one can get a lot from it.

The beauty of relationship, strength of love, character, and love for Allah Almighty are all described at the same time.

While reading the novel, one can feel the extent to which the writer has researched in order to create each scene in the plot of her novel. We can even say that no one scholar can describe our relationship with Quran and Allah Almighty as effectively as she has done and convey it to the reader in a thoroughly impressive way which is the best ever point of this novel. Mushaf means “Quran” and is commonly used it for the Quran in Arabic countries.

In Hadees-e-Quodsi Aye ibne Adam!

Novel Mushaf

The basic theme of this marvelous novel expresses by this Hadees beautifully, that’s I thought personally. One who puts his will for Allah, Allah bless him everything, as Allah has no difficulty for any work. As in Quran, “He just says, “Qun” (Do) then it will do” One who always wishes for Allah and did his actions according to the teachings given by Islam, will surely succeed in this world and also on the day of Judgement.

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People who got it (Mushaf), and understand it, succeeded in this world of illusion and on Doomsday. As in Quran, Allah Almighty says And the life of this world is nothing but play and amusement.

But far better is the house in the Hereafter for those who are Al-Muttaqun. Will you not then understand? (Surah Al-Anam) In this novel, all the story is about Mehmil Ibrahim’s life. She is in the best with its character. The story of this novel starts with the most innovative thing but true which is that; the Quran express past, present and future.

Quran; the book of success for everyone and for every time. The most pathetic aspect of this novel is that the behavior of her family with her and her mother; Musarat. Her family got the best benefits from Mehmil; an orphan and always became vicious with her. We always deceive from those things which we feel glitter for us. We always show impatience for the golden things and lost.

“All that glitters is not gold. ” In Quran, Allah Almighty says:- “Therefore, [O Believer] Endure All Adversity With Goodly Patience Behold, Men Look Upon That [Reckoning] As Something Far Away But, We See It As Near! ” Surah Ma’arij (Verses:5 – 7) Sometimes in life, we thought; we got our friends but not, because something other even best will wait for us. But the problem is that we don’t know and strayed. We are always wishful for the worldly things and want success just within a few minutes but actually the true and real success is achieved with hard working and the most important step by step. As there is a famous saying about success; “There is no way to success except hardworking”.

Allah is the most beneficent and Merciful. He always makes our trials by giving us joy and difficulties. It’s all depends upon us whether we want to pass or fail. To pass it, we must show our patience towards difficulties and grateful for the joy. We need a tutor for each subject, pay full attention to his lectures and got the true meanings when we were in the depths of that thing, but for the Quran, all things are opposite.

We read it from the very early age but at the age of senses, we don’t need to read it. Never try to get its meanings and always put it on the highest place just in the respect. Mushaf always proves a best ever source for guidance. One who got the right path, Allah Almighty, “The Light” guides him at every step. They never alone and always satisfied with the blessings of Allah, in fact, they need nothing except Allah.

Quran is a miracle. It has miracles in itself. Those miracles which can never be end. If you sacrifice your all things for it, will never be ruin. Those who gathered things except Quran, will get no happiness and peace.

If you know something, spread it to others. All of us have this responsibility. In Hadees:- “The best among us is the one who learnt and taught Quran. ” Just try to get that moment which can change our whole life . That moment which is from the Allah.

One who gets and avail oneself with the Quran, will be among the best. One must read it.

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“Mushaf” is an excellent and marvelous piece of work by “Nimra Ahmad”
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