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The Usage of IPS tool for Functional Testing
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This paper explains the usage of IPS tool for Functional Testing, Conformance Testing, Load and Stress Testing, Interoperability Testing, Performance tests, Sanity tests, Regression tests and Its used as a simulator program for testing of communication interfaces between network elements. The coexistence of legacy and emerging networks along with the convergence between fixed and mobile networks creates challenging conditions for telecom networks Immature emerging technology specifications with endless updates and extensions, Access independence requires interworking between different networks, Architecture independence…...
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Advantages Disadvantages Cloud Computing Types
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This article will explain features of cloud computing and its types, advantages and disadvantages of using cloud computing system with examples. In first part we’ll have little definition about it will read that what is cloud computing? In second part we’ll read advantages/benefits in third number have look of disadvantages or cons. At the end of article our eyes goes to types and little bit on examples, so let’s have look; What is Cloud Computing? Simply Cloud Computing is the…...
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Wireless Ad-hoc Network
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Abstract—this incredible tumultuous world has loaded up with colossal things which are bizarre or atypical on occasion, just called as emergency. It can be anticipated or diminished if basic learning is recognized ahead of time. Because of the occurrence of regular or man-made calamities there is possibility for the general population situated in that zone gets caught and hard to make due by the customary cell organize destruction which makes unimportant correspondence. Right then and there the correspondence can be…...
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3184230_1815798397_933173 (1)
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Computer SecurityName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note:Table of ContentsTOC o "1-3" h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc3913593 h 2Discussion PAGEREF _Toc3913594 h 2Principles of key/value databases PAGEREF _Toc3913595 h 2Description of Memcrashed Exploit PAGEREF _Toc3913596 h 4Description of any solution to memcrashed Exploit PAGEREF _Toc3913597 h 5Future importance and effectiveness of memcrashed PAGEREF _Toc3913598 h 7Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc3913599 h 8References PAGEREF _Toc3913600 h 9IntroductionMemcached protocol is a well-known mechanism which is required for assisting load balancing of memory…...
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Net Neutrality Issue
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Pages • 4
We value our net neutrality, fighting for it in 2015 and winning against internet service providers (ISPs) such as AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, to name a few. However, the FCC (or ISPs) not backing down fought to end net neutrality starting around 2018 and won against the majority. People became discouraged, lost interest, and even though we can still fight for net neutrality in Texas, the majority seemingly doesn't care enough to fight for it. What is net neutrality? Imagine that…...
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project paper_ranjith
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RanjithChaithanyaProject paper07/24/2019Network Safety MeasuresSince numerous organizations permit their employees to connect to the network utilizing their very own cell phones - tablets and cell phones just as PCs - it's not useful for most organizations to turn off network get to. The equivalent applies to home broadband clients who may have visitors coming over regularly. Rather, here are a couple of tips to make your wireless network increasingly secure.Following are the measures that must be taken to ensure the safety…...
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Short Message Service Essay
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Pages • 9
SMS stands for short message service. SMS allows mobiles devices to communicate with each with short messages. When a message is sent, it goes through a nearby tower and then to an SMS centre. After the message is sent to the closest tower near the destination and sends the message to the receiver’s phone. The potential uses of SMS in businesses include sales promotions; marketing campaigns; orders; discount coupons/vouchers; virtual gifts; product launches; product verification/password confirmations; appointments/reminders; alerts; customer support; short surveys;…...
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6113 report-Chenliang Zhou(B00785954)
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Pages • 9
Emerging technologies on WAN linkChenliang ZhouDepartment of Engineering Mathematics and InternetworkingDalhousie UniversityHalifax, N. S., CanadaAbstract— Nowadays, the application of WAN become more and more widespread. However, the demand for high speed and high performance are rising with it. How to perfect the WAN link’s act is putting on the top agenda. Fortunately, a bunch of emerging technologies have been discovered for the tackle with these problems. Therefore, use software is a low-cost method to improve WAN network performance. Moreover, research…...
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Bgp Issues And Solutions
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Pages • 7
The sample paper on Bgp Issues And Solutions familiarizes the reader with the topic-related facts, theories and approaches. Scroll down to read the entire paper.Moreover, the design and ubiquity of BGP has frustrated past efforts at securing intermediation routing. This paper considers the vulnerabilities currently existing within intermediation routing and surveys works relating to BGP security. The limitations and advantages of proposed solutions are explored, and the systemic and operational implications of their designs considered. We note that no current…...
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Pic Zigbee
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This essay sample on Pic Zigbee provides all necessary basic info on this matter, including the most common "for and against" arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.A typical IEEE 803. 15. 4-based, ZigBee-complaint device is shown in figure 1. [pic] Figure 1. Typical 802. 15. 4/ZigBee Device that has included antenna, RF data modem, applications processor, all necessary passive and 16MHz crystal about 15x40mm – Courtesy Freescale Semiconductor. The ZigBee Alliance released their specification…...
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Passive Intrusion Detection System
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Pages • 7
This essay sample essay on Passive Intrusion Detection System offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion are provided below. Intrusion Detection Systems In 1980, James Anderson’s paper, Computer Security Threat Monitoring and Surveillance, bore the notion of intrusion detection. Through government funding and serious corporate interest allowed for intrusion detection systems(IDS) to develope into their current state. So what exactly is IDS? An IDS is used to detect…...
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?Detection and analysis of malware in smart devicesStudent’s nameInstitution nameDateIntroductionSoftware technology has witnessed a surge of malicious programs which are written by malware writers. This presents a major threat to software technology. Software developers such as Android have developed security mechanisms to identify and ensure the security of information stored in smartphone devices (Iqbal & Zulkernine, 2018).An example is the permission mechanism. However, researchers have proposed threats which can bypass the mechanism; thus there is a need to develop the…...
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Advantages Of Wimax
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Pages • 3
WiMAX is a key component of Intel’s broadband wireless strategy to deliver innovative mobile platforms for anytime, anywhere Internet connectivity. New and emerging multimedia applications and broadband remote access are driving the need for very high-speed wide area Internet access to mobile devices. WiMAX is an advanced technology solution, based on the IEEE 802. 16-2005 standard, designed to meet this need, and to do so in a low-cost, flexible way. WiMAX networks are optimized for high-speed data and are expected…...
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Case Write Up Example
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Pages • 2
The author mainly focuses on an economic analysis of wireless communications by evaluating the two available alternatives. First is related to licensing and spectrum property and second to wireless communications, in order to evaluate the tradeoffs between property rights in spectrum and open wireless networks. It also explains that open wireless networks are likely to be better at optimizing the ability of users to communicate without wires than could spectrum property based systems. The open wireless network approach shifts the…...
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Swot Analysis Of Bsnl Internet Provider
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Pages • 2
SWOT Analysis Strengths •BSNL is the India’s leading telecommunications and broadband Internet provider. •Provides global telecommunication services 90 million customers in India; •Provides 27. 45 million fixed- wired line telephones with network connections, and local telephone exchanges; •Operates more than 72 million wireless subscriber; •Owns largest cellular provider in whole India; BSNL communication has moved into new areas as technology improves and into new innovation like Mobile communication , 3G Services for mobiles, Wimax and WLL ; •Invests in new…...
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Nokia Siemens Networks Company Culture
Words • 646
Pages • 3
Report on Nokia Siemens Networks Submitted To Sir Salman Jan Group Members Table of Contents [ No table of contents entries found. ] Introduction Nokia Siemens Networks is a leading global enabler of telecommunications services. With its focus on innovation and sustainability, the company provides a complete portfolio of mobile, fixed and converged network technology, as well as professional services including consultancy and systems integration, deployment, maintenance and managed services. It is one of the largest telecommunications hardware, software and…...
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Client Server Network Architecture
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Pages • 5
Networking – Client/Server Architecture Introduction to 2-Tier Architecture 2-tier architecture is used to describe client/server systems where the client requests resources and the server responds directly to the request, using its own resources. This means that the server does not call on another application in order to provide part of the service. Introduction to 3-Tier Architecture In 3-tier architecture, there is an intermediary level, meaning the architecture is generally split up between: 1. A client, i. e. he computer, which…...
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Two Factor Authentication Research Papers
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Pages • 3
Harmonizing to the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council. verifying someone’s individuality online involves at least one of a few factors. These factors are the undermentioned: Information the PersonKnows This could be a username and password combination. societal security figure. a PIN they chose. or something else that the individual could cognize but others wouldn’t. Something the individual is able to PhysicallyPosses A good of this is the person’s ATM card. A more unafraid physical factor could be a usage brassy…...
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Downloading and Streaming has been the two most active activities in the Internet. There has never been a time where the Internet stops sending files from one computer to another. In this article, I will discuss the addiction that can arise from these two activities as well as their causes. To start the topic, let’s begin with downloading addiction. It has been a problem of various individuals to break free from the addictive feeling of ‘Downloading’. Their download queue ranges…...
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Computer Network Assignment
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Pages • 3
COMPUTER NETWORKS 4TH MARCH 2012 Examination Paper Answer ALL questions. Clearly cross out surplus answers. Time: 2 hours Any reference material brought into the examination room must be handed to the invigilator before the start of the examination. ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS Marks QUESTION 1 a) State FOUR (4) principles underpinning the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Reference Model. b) Describe the purpose of the physical layer of the OSI Reference Model. c) State THREE (3) elements of network design that relate…...
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Window Of Vulnerability
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Pages • 3
CALCULATE THE WINDOW OF VULNERABILITY A security breach has been identified within a small Microsoft workgroup LAN. The workgroup consists of three primary workgroups which contain group membership lists of users within the Active Directory infrastructure that currently exists on the SMB Server that is located within the confines of the LAN structure. The security breach, which is defined as any event that results in a violation of any of the CIA (confidentiality, integrity, availability) security principles, was caused by…...
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Computer Safety
Words • 530
Pages • 3
As a parent to create awareness about internet security, many measure can be taken to ensure safety for your children when using a computer as there are many risks which could occur which could either damage your computer or even your child. For example, there are viruses which can be harmful on your computer and if you use internet banking than, hackers can steal your details using phishing emails or websites and steal your identity, if your child or you…...
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Internet of Things Security Crises Nathaniel EcksteinInformation
Words • 2372
Pages • 10
Internet of Things Security CrisesNathaniel EcksteinInformation SecurityAmerican Public University.?Tim Berners-Lee created what we know as the World Wide Web in 1990 (Andrews, 2013), the creation of the World Wide Web led to a developer creating new devices to access and use it. Fast forward in time to the present and the number of devices that can access the internet is almost unfathomable when you start to think about it. The world has gone from computers the size of entire rooms,…...
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Next Generation Cloud Computing
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Pages • 4
Summary In the research, the researcher focused on a number of important points in terms of computer computing, its advantages and its future by discussing these The distributed cloud architecture will use the edge of the network in the future. Two layer applications will be replaced by a new multi-layer cloud architecture. The next generation of cloud computing affects all social and scientific avenues. You will need to develop a new resource market on the edge of the network. Safety…...
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qos issue and focus
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Pages • 10
First-rate of carrier troubles with focus on wireless body location networksElina Shirazi Khizar ShehbazAbstract— Lots of research is going on around the world to improve Quality of Service factors in sensor networks. It is reality that the heterogeneous working necessities of WBAN define specific QoS issues which are unique to that particular utility region only. WBAN functions are very sensitive and hence QoS problems in WBAN require more interest and focal point and ought to be taken up extra seriously.I.…...
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Implementing a wirless network
Words • 569
Pages • 3
AcknowledgementFirst and foremost, I would like to thank our lecturer, Mr.Hasitha Sampath for his valuableguidance and advice. His inspiration is what helped us to complete this coursework. Hiswillingness was what motivated us, in order to complete. He taught us the benefits ofimplementing a wireless networkBesides that a whole lot of appreciation to the whole administration of Esoft for providing uswith a good environment and facilities in order to complete this coursework. You have guidedus in every possible way. And it…...
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Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)
Words • 1915
Pages • 8
Abstract — The deployment of  has nowadays gained worldwide attention as one of the most fiber optic transmission system due to its flexibility, interoperability with other vendors, low operating cost and many services with high qua lity, that are provided by SDH. This paper describes SDH network elements and its structure and defines its features provided by this system comparing with other transmission systems and explores the disadvantages. The paper further discusses the future of this technology . Keywords —…...
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Mobile Phones Essay
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Pages • 2
Everyone nowdays own mobile phone, big or small, poor or rich and the reason behind that is Human being life depend on mobile phone . Mobile phone is a device that is used in making and receiving telephone calls. It was invited by Martin Cooper in 1970. He was the first one to handeled mobile phone and to led the team that had brought it to the market. Martin Cooper was born on December 28th, 1928. He as not died…...
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Phd Research Proposal In Wireless Sensor Networks
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Pages • 3
A wireless sensor network is an ad hoc network with a large number of nodes, which are micro-sensors capable to collect and transmit environmental data autonomously. The position of these nodes need not be predetermined. They can be randomly dispersed in a geographical area called “Wellfield” corresponding to the field of interest of the captured phenomenon.Essay Example on Proposal On Water Pollution In addition to civilian applications, there are military applications for sensor networks (intrusion detection, fighters localization, vehicles, weapons,…...
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Networking Technology and Management
Words • 2357
Pages • 10
The implementation of any new network layout will requires effective understanding towards the network requirements. The conducted interview, supplied system requirements and floor plan shows the importance of this proposal. This presented proposal to Priority Advertising shows the device selection, their costs, and implementation as per budget. Introduction The network layout to Priority Advertising is proposed and this new layout will handle the new and existing operational requirements supplied in interview and requirement gathering are effectively analyzed. The logical implementation…...
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Group 25 Paper 2 (Springer Format)
Words • 2629
Pages • 11
Distributed DoS (DDoS) Mitigation in SDN using BlockchainNupur Giri1, Rahul Jaisinghani2, Vinay Bhatia3, Rohit Kriplani4, Tarun Ramrakhyani5Department of Computer Engineering,VES Institute of Technology,Chembur, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],[email protected], [email protected] A DDoS attack is a spiteful attempt to disrupt legitimate traffic to a server by overwhelming the target with a flood of requests from geographically dispersed systems. Today attackers prefer DDoS attack method to disrupt target services as they generate GBs to TBs of random data to flood the target. In existing mitigation…...
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robo car
Words • 1309
Pages • 6
CHAPTER 3 –FEASIBILITY ANALYSISThere are the feasibility analysis of the wireless control Wi-Fi car, In which it can be control through any android or IOS application which will be created upon requirements .The applications will be created by some of programing to run the wireless car .it can be c, c++ or python .This car has some attractive features like ultrasonic sensors to capture any obstacle in the way so the robo car can automatically makes its way. It has…...
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The Industrial Training
Words • 2350
Pages • 10
The Industrial Training fund established by decree 43 was introduced in 1971, vis-?-vis the birth of the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) the same year by the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN).It is an integral part of the requirements for the award of Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees in institutions of higher learning, e.g, Polytechnics, Universities, etc.Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) exposes students to industry-based skills necessary for a smooth transition from the classroom to work environments. It accords…...
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Ryan Davis CIS505 Assignment 2
Words • 814
Pages • 4
Week 3 Assignment 2: Wireless TechnologyRyan A. DavisStrayer UniversityDr. Salman, RaiedCIS: 505 Communications TechnologiesOctober 14, 2019AbstractThis assignment will examine the pros and cons of third-generation or 3G and fourth-generation or 4G technology. This paper will also briefly explain how they could improve a company’s communication platform using other wireless technology such as Wireless Application Protocol or WAP.Week 3 Assignment 2: Wireless TechnologyThe pros of third-generation or 3G are that it is quicker to react to emerging markers and development trends.…...
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Three security modes
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Pages • 10
Security modes: Three security modes defined by Bluetooth specification [2] [20] [21].1) Security Mode: - This mode gives no security. The essential security columns, for example, authentication and encryption are avoided in security mode 1, which is the reason this mode is called the non-secure method of security [2].2) Security Mode2: This mode gives security at administration level that is security functionalities are given after link and before channel establishment [2]. Security mode presented validation and approval [2].3) Security Mode…...
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iot paper
Words • 1920
Pages • 8
SMART DOOR USING IOtAmulya Devineni 1,Deepa Malimath2, Keerthi Lotlekar3, Namita Kanthi4 and Vishwanath P Baligar [email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected] [email protected] L E Technological University, Hubballi.AbstractAdvancement in Information and communication technology (ICT) primarily concentrates on Internet of Things (IoT). The emergence of disruptive technologies like IoT has made a major mark in the quality of human by increasing the easiness, comfort and practicality. One of the popular application which falls under the umbrella of IoT is automation of things. Security systems are repeatedly rifted…...
AutomationComputer NetworkingComputer ScienceInformation AgeInternet
Edge computing data collection and cases analysis
Words • 919
Pages • 4
Use Cases There are lot of ways of using edge computers characterizes in those ways some are examples to help clarify thinking and highlight opportunities for collaboration. There is four Major Four Major types of workload requirement getting benefit from a Distributed DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYTICS IoT, where data is frequently collected from a huge network of micro sites, is an example of an use that benefits from the edge computing model. Sending lots of data over and over again…...
CommunicationComputer NetworkingComputer ScienceDataInformation AgeInformation Technology
Words • 1339
Pages • 6
IOT BASED TEMPERATURE MONITORING SYSTEM USING FPGAMrs.G.Subashini1, Ms.A.Annie Sheryl2, Ms.R.Vimala31Assistant professor, AAA college of Engineering and Technology, Sivakasi.Mail Id: [email protected], 3 UG Scholar, AAA college of Engineering and Technology, Sivakasi.Mail Id: [email protected], [email protected]:A hot topic in today’s context, FPGA implementation of Internet of Things (IOT) is recently introduced technique. The Internet of things is connecting people and smart devices on a scale that was once unimaginable. One more challenge for IOT is to handle vast amount of sensing the data…...
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Architecture of the GSM network Essay Example
Words • 1716
Pages • 7
Architecture of the GSM network Essay IntroductionGSM -> Architecture Architecture of the GSM network MobileStation BaseStationSubsystem Network Subsystem Following is the simple architecture diagram of GSM Network. [pic] A GSM network is composed of several functional entities, whose functions and interfaces are defined. Figure 1 shows the layout of a generic GSM network. The GSM network can be divided into three broad parts. The Mobile Station is carried by the subscriber, the Base Station Subsystem controls the radio link with the…...
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Open Flow
Words • 2837
Pages • 12
Load Balancing Surya Prateek Surampalli Information Technology Department, Southern Polytechnic State University [email protected] edu Abstract—in high-traffic Internet today, it is often desirable to have multiple servers that represent a single logical destination server to share the load. A typical configuration comprises multiple servers behind a load balancer that would determine which server would serve the request of a client. Such equipment is expensive, has a rigid set of rules, and is a single point of failure. In this paper, I…...
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