Network security is a policy created by the chief administrator of the organization aimed to protect information of the company from third people. This task is very complicated, because every day programmers create hundreds of programs, which manage to break the security of the network and look through or steal the required data. One can achieve network security with the help of various things, which include strong antivirus software, strong reliable passwords, which are changed every week or month, individual accounts, network monitors, which observe the situation in the organization 247, day and night, etc.

It is obvious that without the network security it will be impossible to control small, medium and large business effectively.

Competition always exists in business, so every firm, company and especially great corporation networks can become a target of virus attacks and spy programs. Every great company spends much money to protect their network and access to their data but still hackers manage to break these protection systems.

Network security is an important problem for every businessman and great corporation, because everybody should protect his information from third people. Students who study business, management, information technologies are sure to write research papers on the topics connected with network security. When students have discovered some weak sides in the system of network security they often suggest some brand new ideas, which can change the system positively. Students have to write a research proposal presenting their ideas and convince the professor their problem is worth attention. a successful proposal should be brief, informative, logical, convincing and should not contain odd facts.

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Network Security Proposal

Every student who wants to write an effective convincing research proposal should learn how to do it correctly. The best way to do it is to read free sample research proposals on network security and its issues in the Internet. If one reads at least several papers of this kind prepared by the professional writers, he will understand the proper way of writing of successful proposals. When a writer completes a paper, he shares his experience with students and gives them the idea of proper paper writing. It is useful for students who are not trained at college and university and have to find proper manner of writing themselves.

On the other hand one should not limit himself with the help from the Internet, but read books, magazines and scientific publications on the topic. When you improve your knowledge on the problem with the help of the literary sources, you will need a free sample research proposal on network security threats just to know how to compose the paper logically and effective, how to prove that your solution is real worth investigating.

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