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History The Onion Router(TOR)
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Before we share our results, this portion of the paper will include a synopsis of Tor’s history, the setup process, and an explanation in the mechanics of how Tor keeps users activity secret. History The Onion Router (abbreviated by Tor) was originally devised by the Naval Research Laboratory and used by the U.S. Navy to keep the identity of federal employees hidden while on the internet [2] The idea behind the concept of internet anonymity happened when an employee needed…...
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The Onion Routing(TOR) For Government Investigations: Engaging The Enemy
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Criminals have always found ways to circumvent the law and engage in criminal activities “off of the radar.” They hide in the dark corners and carry out their business where no one can see them. With the increase in the availability of the internet, criminals can now take their schemes to the digital world to be carried out with privacy. Criminals, much like everyone else who values privacy, desire total anonymity. However, total anonymity is not available on the Internet.…...
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Network Security and the Battle Against Security Threats
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1.0 Introduction Network security entails the enforcement of protection on networks, their services and programs from unauthorized access. Securing a network encompasses policies, software, hardware and procedures designed to defend against both external and internal threats to the network (Perez, 2014). Multiple hardware and software layers can also be implemented as part of the network security strategy to help defend against intruder threats and prevent the spread of attacks in case of security breaches. Without a proper security infrastructure, every…...
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Security Issues in Networking
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With precipitous progression in information technology, the quantity of data being created is at an unprecedented rate. This data has already challenged human’s capabilities to keep it safe. Today, every significant business is utilizing digitalization strategies to successfully target clients with informing them in a dialect that they truly get in. Penetration into the business system can be wrecking for any business, particularly private ventures. Commonly companies experience the ill effects of various system security issues with no acknowledgment. There…...
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Network System Security
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Introduction Globalization has increased exchange of data and trades between different countries at a high scale. There is a high demand for enterprise wide networks allowing data transfers globally. With increased usage, the network traffic is achieving peaks thereby opening a gateway for intruders to interfere the data transfer and exchange, steal the information and use it for financial gains. If Producers do not follow enhanced guidelines or protocol to avoid intrusion, it can put businesses at risk leading to…...
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Network Security: Cloud Adaptation and Best Practices With Shared Responsibilities 
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Abstract This paper reviews the impact of adaptation of cloud infrastructure on network security of an application. We have seen in the recent years that there has been a shift towards adopting cloud infrastructure and distributed systems over in house centralized systems. This paper would be discussing how such infrastructure is different and how network security over such applications forces us to share the security responsibilities with our network security providers. Summary This paper discusses the changes between traditional in…...
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The Importance of Network Security
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Abstract A network security passively monitors and records the traffic present on a local area network, wide area network, or other type of computer network, without disturbing or otherwise interfering with the flow of the traffic. In order to properly detect policy violations and patterns of misuse, security products often must place the packets of data in contexts relevant to such connection criteria as space, time, and event. Starting from the characteristics of the computer information network security and network…...
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Research Proposal On Network Security
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Network security is a policy created by the chief administrator of the organization aimed to protect information of the company from third people. This task is very complicated, because every day programmers create hundreds of programs, which manage to break the security of the network and look through or steal the required data. One can achieve network security with the help of various things, which include strong antivirus software, strong reliable passwords, which are changed every week or month, individual…...
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