Essay on Why I Want To Be A Pharmacist

Medication can often be an important part of treatment for patients. And though it’s doctors who prescribe medications and dosages, it’s the pharmacists who make sure that the patient gets the right medication and understands all the risks that come with it.

To help people manage their illnesses and diseases

Once a diagnosis is made for a patient, the next step is usually treatment. This often includes some kind of medication. And after the doctor prescribes a medication and dosage, it’s up to the pharmacist to help the patient understand everything that comes with that medication.

Many people turn to their pharmacists to answer questions about side effects, dosage changes, and any problems that may come up with their current prescriptions, which is called contraindication.

In this way, pharmacists have a hand in helping people treat, manage, and cure their illnesses and diseases. Knowing that you are directly involved in patient care as a pharmacist can be a rewarding experience.

To be able to see people get better as their medicines work

Generally, when people have prescriptions, they use the same pharmacy repeatedly to fill and refill their prescriptions. Because of this, pharmacists often see the same patients over and over as they get their prescriptions refilled and changed. Seeing patients regularly means that as medications work to treat illnesses, the pharmacists get to see the patients’ health improving. They get to see the impact their work has on the patients, and can know that they’re making a positive difference in their health.

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To work in the healthcare field, but with more regular hours

Many people want to work in the healthcare field, but they know that working as a doctor or nurse will often mean irregular hours and being “on call.” Pharmacists, on the other hand, work more regular hours. Many pharmacies, for example, are only open during regular business hours during the week, which means those pharmacists have weekends and holidays off to spend with family and friends. Some pharmacies, such as those in hospitals, may require weekend or overnight hours, but even these pharmacists may have more regular hours than doctors or nurses.

There are many other reasons people choose to be pharmacists, as well. Some people are attracted to the career because it’s easy to get into, some people like the math and chemistry involved in working with the medications, and some people simply like the atmosphere of pharmacies. Whatever reasons you have for pursuing a career as a pharmacist, you can be sure that it will be rewarding, and you’ll enjoy going to work every day.

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Essay on Why I Want To Be A Pharmacist
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