Why Do You Want To Be A Social Worker Essay

The folllowing sample essay on Why Do You Want To Be A Social Worker Essay discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay’s introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down. Sing my strengths, I am concerted, good-natured, generous, helpful, low and modest and I trust others. As a professional, I am non-judgmental, non faulting the client for their problems. Even if person hurts my feelings, I am speedy to forgive. These qualities are of import for me, because I am working and will work with a assortment of individuals – health care professionals, clients, and so on – who may exhibit inflexible and demanding personalities that may be disputing to work with.

Finding the right intervention or service for each client based on their demands requires a originative individual. I am besides punctilious, hard-working, good organized, have good self- subject, and take my duties earnestly. These traits are suited for when I am working independently or transporting heavy caseloads.

My extrospective personality besides suits my calling aim as a societal worker as interaction with others is a important part of a societal worker ‘s occupation. Sing communicating accomplishments, I am chatty, self-asserting, sociable and active. Over the old ages I have besides succeeded to maturate emotionally.

Why Be A Social Worker Essay

One of my restrictions is that, although I speak four linguistic communications fluently, my Spanish is non acceptable yet when it comes to pass oning with Latino clients. I am get the better ofing this personal restriction by taking a class in the following semester as a starting point.

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My other restriction is a deficiency of experience as a societal worker. As I learn and seeing the issues that clients have, I am detecting that there is much more to larn. There are many concerns that I still do non cognize how to manage, but I am larning and will larn more in the close hereafter.

Some of my personal qualities include being motivated and enthusiastic in a thoughtful and respectful mode. I am able to keep a gracious and caring demeanour, even in nerve-racking state of affairss. I have a high mark for mind, which indicates that I strive to larn and keep my current cognition, which is indispensable for a good and passionate societal worker. I am truly concerned with other people and seek to handle everyone with courtesy and kindness.

I have ever had the desire to analyze and endeavor in my country of involvement. When I had an chance in 2005 to travel back to school, I was to the full committed to stand out in my surveies. My end is non merely to acquire good classs, but besides to to the full understand the constructs in my surveies and be able to analyse them. There are many societal issues in our society that I would wish to personally lend to for the betterment of society. Through acquisition, I was able to understand some of my ain experiences from the yesteryear, and alternatively of taking them as a awful lesson, I accepted them as disputing journey.

One of my academic ends is to maintain up my above mean classs. I put in tremendous attempt and difficult work into my surveies. Making it to the Dean ‘s list every semester is besides a precedence. Upon geting at this university, I was determined that I would pass my following four old ages in chase of new thoughts and experiences.

Current and Past Experiences

Sing my work experience, since 2005 I have been responsible for day-to-day scheduling of activities and supplying positive behavioural ends and aims for an eight twelvemonth old male child with high working autism. This twelvemonth, I was employed at California Psychcare as a behavioural teacher. This company is one of the sellers for North Los Angeles County Regional Center where I provide therapy for kids with autism.

Besides my parttime work, I have besides been an intern since August 2009 at the Domestic Abuse Center, which is located in Reseda, California. We are trained voluntary advocators reacting with constabulary to domestic force calls, offering immediate aid with medical, legal and reding referrals and shelter options.

From January to May 2009, I was a voluntary at the Therapeutic Living Centers for the Blind in Reseda, California. The clients were lawfully unsighted and besides had some grade of cognitive disablement. My interactions with them included larning appropriate suggestion, aid and communicating techniques. In May 2009, I received a Dr. Russ Miller Scholarship Award given by the CSUN Sociology Department.

Future Goals

Sing my professional ends, I have a strong desire to assist others. This insight comes from the fact that my female parent had a serious mental upset, viz. bipolar upset, while she was alive. In Yugoslavian society, it was a shame and a stigma to hold person mentally badly in the household. My female parent tried difficult to set and to move normal, but this was beyond her abilities, peculiarly around the clip when the civil war started to interrupt out in Yugoslavia. Alternatively of demanding to set, the household members should hold understood that they had an sick individual in the household. My male parent and I lacked this cognition at that clip. When my male parent got ill from tummy malignant neoplastic disease, the whole state of affairs was whirling out of control in my household until it ended in calamity. My darling female parent could non get by any longer with life ‘s challenges and she committed self-destruction. My male parent died five months subsequently. I strongly feel that my female parent could be alive today, had she received aid, which is the ground for my pick of future calling.

After finishing a Maestro ‘s grade, I would wish to develop psycho-educational workshops. Families with mentally sick members frequently find themselves bowed down. These households do non hold the appropriate cognition or accomplishments to manage or take attention of the mentally ill ; they need particular preparation, support and cognition. Furthermore, the households need to cognize how to interact with service suppliers efficaciously and how to interact with their mentally sick members. Consequently, I strongly believe that these workshops will ensue in good results for the whole household. I ne’er had any professionals nearing me and offering me this cognition. Even though we were a in-between category household in Yugoslavia, it was assumed that if we did non necessitate fiscal aid, we did non necessitate any other aid or information. Hopefully for some households who have a mentally sick member, this support in the signifier of workshops will be good.

My other passion when it comes to career aims is assisting soldiers returning from war to set to mundane life once more. We can work to develop a clinical scheme to range out to traumatized veterans who have non been able to return to civilian life. After finishing the MSW plan, I would wish to, as a societal worker, offer veterans and their households some services such as resource pilotage, crisis intercession, protagonism, benefit aid, and mental wellness therapy for conditions such as depression, station traumatic emphasis upset, and drug and intoxicant dependence. For many combat veterans, their jobs are compounded by multiple mental complaints. Therefore, in confronting the challenges on return from combat, it is critical for the veterans to have household support and apprehension.

Many civilians are judgmental when it comes to returning veterans, claiming they are strong and will acquire over their war experiences. It is hence the responsibility of a passionate psychiatric societal worker to educate the populace about this sensitive subject and to assist these veterans who deserve to be helped. These are my chief calling aims. I come from a state with rich cultural and cultural diverseness, where I lived as an cultural minority. This self-awareness helps me understand cultural sensitiveness better every bit good as the clients ‘ cultural beliefs, when working with the specific client populations.

Beside English, I speak Magyar, Serbian and Croatian and I am in the procedure of larning Spanish. Knowledge of Spanish will be an plus for me as a societal work practician. Physical, societal, psychological and emotional jobs attributable to lifestyle, environment, substance maltreatment and emphasis will go on to turn in figure and complexness. There will be a demand for originative and inventive intercessions.

Professional Objectivity

One of the client populations for which I need to be more nonsubjective is working with gang members. I realize that being in a pack is more than merely making drug trades and take parting in other illegal pack activity. My attack to get the better of this shortage is through instruction to larn about the history of packs, their linguistic communication and symbolism, economic considerations and factors that contribute to gang activity every bit good as the hazard factors and the impact of migration and in-migration on packs. I need to larn about how to turn to the root causes, to acknowledge that immature people frequently join packs to accomplish a sense of belonging and happen a supportive community in them that they often lack at place, to understand the interior workings of the pack to happen out precisely what it provides, who its members are, what activities they are involved with, and how its leading is structured. I believe that these striplings are non inherently bad ; alternatively, faced with limited picks, they are doing determinations that lead them down a negative way.

Another client population doing value struggle is the terminally sick as such brushs will expose me to feelings of hurting, sorrow, choler, weakness, and hopelessness. Puting realistic short- and long-run ends in handling these clients and concentrating on what can be done, even in state of affairss that seem hopeless, can forestall a sense of failure and desperation. Furthermore, accomplishable ends can be set even in the hard state of affairs of handling terminally sick patients. The ends might include bettering the patient ‘s quality of life in the concluding yearss, transfusing a sense of pick and credence of physical restrictions, assisting them cope with separating from household members, and analyzing their precedences.

The 3rd client population is the aged. Aged clients are fond and eagerly delay for a societal worker to see them. Most of them treat the societal worker as a friend. Professional objectiveness is required, so that I will non visualise the client as a household, and to maintain in head that the end is to assist them develop the ability to make good without a batch of support.

Time Management

As I work portion clip for 15 hours per hebdomad, I have chosen to set about the three-year plan. My hubby works full clip and I am non the exclusive fiscal supplier for my household. I am be aftering my other countries of life around my surveies, so I can to the full perpetrate and maintain up with good classs.

My work is flexible ; I largely work afternoons and sometimes on weekends. As stated before, I work as a behavioural teacher with kids who have autism. I go into the clients ‘ places to supply services. I ne’er work more than three hours per session. I have been able to set up a professional, but friendly relationship with these households ; hence, I can alter my agenda, every bit long as the needed hours are completed.

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