Essay Why I Want To Be A Nurse

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Admission Essay on Why I Want to Become A Nurse

As I was growing up I remember being afraid of doctor and nurses. I use to hate going to the doctors I’m pretty sure most children were afraid too. I remember so clearly that when the doctor had to give a shot I wouldn’t let myself.

I would start crying and start moving around. The nurses would hold me down and the doctor would give me a shot and after that I would be so mad with my mom for letting them give me a shot. The way I would act I can relate to “Mary Ainsworth”, to her Ambivalent Attachment Pattern, is a style of attachment in which children display a combination of positive and negative reaction to their mothers: they show great distress when the mother leaves, but upon her return they may simultaneously seek close contact but also hit her or kick her (Development Across the Life Span, R.

S.P, 2011). As soon as my mom would try to get close to me I would hit her n be so angry with her. I didn’t stop being afraid of them until I was about 7 years old.

At the age 6 going on 7, I remember playing doctor with my cousins.

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I was a little more comfortable but still a little afraid. I never wanted to be the patient. I always prefer being the doctor or nurse. When playing doctor we all had a role and we all got along with each other. I can relate this to “cooperative play; play in which children genuinely interact with one another, taking turns playing, or devising contests (Development Across the Life Span,2011). I use to like to play this with my cousins. It was one on my favorite childhood games.

In the sixth grade, I remember my teacher asking us what we wanted to be when we grow up as other students started answering. I started to think about it n I had no clue. I was very nervous because it was getting close to being my turn to answer the question. I didn’t know what to say, so before it was my turn one of my friends said that she wanted to be a teacher. So after my friend the teacher asked me, “So Erica what would u like to be when you grow up”, and I replied “Well I want to become a teacher like you”. But in reality that wasn’t true I was just afraid at that age to say that I didn’t know yet. I was sad that day because I kept thinking about what I wanted to become and nothing came to mind I was just so undecided and I kept thinking what if I never figure out what I want to be. By the end of that week it didn’t cross my head anymore.

Why Want To Be A Nurse Essay

Before I started high school that was grade as time flew by I did not think about it. In the grade as it was all about being cool and being popular, I wanted to be a fashion designer. Being a fashion designer was in my own mind. I recall my parents asking me what I wanted to be and I told them they were angry that they were stating that it was not a career and I wanted to be a fashion designer. It was not a career when they informed me. I begin researching about it I began to notice a few things about it. I began to ask myself what if I don’t get work in this profession and it was aggressive. At the conclusion of the graded I took this test that determined. As soon as I finished taking that test I was given a list of alternatives by it so I picked on 3 I enjoyed and they were a dentist, a detective, and a nurse. My first choice was a detective I enjoy problem solving and that puzzle.

So into of the types’ of shows that had to do with justice I was in the tenth grade. I found that enjoyable and quite interesting. I never mind her or asked her anything, although I recall my sister going to nursing school to get a nurse. She was at school and constantly studied. She was occupied with it that I barely got to see her. We were all proud of her, when I was in the eleventh grade I recall she graduated from nursing program. After her test was taken by her a few weeks passed and she received a letter and it was her permit.

I remember I’d go to her job with her, that summer, she was able to do home visits. The first day I moved I observed everything as the minute we walked in there she had been pleasant to the individual like when he was family. I remember if it was okay when I saw the care, the individual was asked by her and he said yes. I was somewhat scared I did not need to watch but I did it anyways. I was grossed out but was able to keep a straight face, when my sister eliminated the dressing. So my sister began to describe just how much she loved nursing. I was amazed in the way she expressed herself. Since that day my eyes opened. I chose to go to her house visits with my sister every day or I was able. I became more interesting in nursing and started realizing that this passion for it was growing. I had been interested and that I only asked my sister questions.

I began to grow this love towards nursing how you have the ability to care for a patient and give comfort to them and assist them. I saw it as a hero there care for them. Because of her I had decided what I wanted my profession. I learned it I fine if u do not know and are undecided want u want to become. I believe there’s a moment when you will realize what u wish to become, and I accompany me will succeed in becoming a nurse just like her and sisters foot prints.

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