Why Do You Want To Study Criminal Justice Essay

A career in Criminal Justice can be an exciting and very rewarding road to travel. It has a high risk of danger, but the capture of someone who has harmed another human being is a great reward. As a law enforcement official, you can help to keep criminals off the street and provide safety to the community. The main concern for me would be to provide a safe environment for our children. There are a lot criminals out there, who target children, and I want to contribute everything I can to stop this.

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Children are abused, kidnapped, molested, or hurt in some way every day in this country. There are ways to stop this and this should be stopped by any means necessary. I feel saddened when I see on the news where a child was harmed or has come up missing. When these things happen, it affects the child for the rest of their life.

They feel the pain of what happens to them, and a lot of them believe that whatever happened to them was there fault.

There is no need for children or anyone else to have live in fear for the rest of their life because someone decided to harm them for the sake of enjoyment. Illegal drugs are another reason for me choosing this career. Drugs can ruin your life; even cause you to lose your life. A lot of innocent people are killed every year because of drugs.

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Drugs dealers seek to get their money or drugs by any means necessary. This may include the killing of innocent people that are just bystanders in a drive-by shooting. Drugs can also lead to stealing or prostitution.

Women can become so addicted to drugs that they sell themselves to get the money to support their habit. There are a lot of innocent people out there in this country that need to be protected from the lunatics that like to bring harm to them. People work hard for their money to provide for their families and there are thieves who want to take it from them just because they do not want to work. They see this as an easy way to get what they want. There are so many crimes out there that are committed every day.

These that I have talked about are just some of the ones to make me pursue a criminal justice career. I want to be in criminal justice to lessen these crimes that are harmful to society. I feel that a lot of innocent people are brought down every day and there is a solution for this. If I get the chance to save just a couple of lives, I feel that I will have made a tremendous contribution to society. Our society needs protection from these crimes, and I feel that I can be a big help in protecting society from harm.

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Why Do You Want To Study Criminal Justice Essay
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