Global Issues and Features in Criminal Justice

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Contemporary Issues and Futures in Criminal Justice Global Crime Issues A crime Is an action that Is considered harmful to the welfare of the public and Is prohibited by the law. Crime Is a not only a national problem but also a global problem around the world. Although the effects of crime are experienced and felt In the local level, an abundance of crime is coordinated and ran internationally.

This paper discusses these crimes, issues related to them, and what the criminal justice systems are doing.

These international crimes are as follows. Crimes exist all over the world. The Justice system department usually have the records for criminal activities in every country. There are many global crime issues and criminal Justice systems are working to combat them. Terrorism. One popular international crime is terrorism. Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence by an organized group or a person against people or property deliberately to coerce or Intimidate a government or a society often for political or ideological reasons.

Terrorists use kidnapping and bombing of places to Intimidate or bully a target. Terrorist attacks on targets have their bases on political, ethnic, or religious Issues that these organized groups oppose. Transliterating. The second criminal issue experienced internationally is drug trafficking. It is the illicit trade involving growing, manufacturing, distributing and sale of substances that are subject to drug prohibition laws.

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The illicit drug industry is a great threat to social stability and welfare globally (Gillette, 2014).

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Illegal drugs and substances such as cocaine and heroin are produced and distributed to an organized network of drug traffickers who sell to their customers. Drug abuse, despite negatively affecting the social fabrics of the society and health situations, leads to socially unacceptable behavior and promotes disrespect for the laws. Human trafficking. Human trafficking Is the other criminal Issue that Impacts criminal Justice systems globally. Most victims of this crime are women and children.

Human beings are taken across borders for forced labor, sexual exploitation and slavery, domestic servitude, subjecting them to the threat of violence and extreme cruelty. Human trafficking violates immigration, criminal and labor laws (Gillette, 2014). Arms trafficking. The other crime experienced internationally is arms trafficking. Weapons, weapon systems and their spare parts are sold on illegal arms markets to terrorism clients around the world. Black-market arms transfers do not pass through an export licensing process.

Illegal arms trafficking avails dangerous weapons to unauthorized persons posing a security threat to the public since the arms fuel conflict and undermine political and military efforts In promoting security stability. Piracy. Piracy Is also a crime and a criminal Issue In the world. Piracy Is criminal violence or robbery at sea and off the coasts by pirates. Maritime piracy Is common off the coasts of Africa and Southeast Asia and threatens the security of the most important often familiar with shipping schedules, so they plot their attacks quite accordingly and hijack cargo in real time.

Cybernetic. Cybernetic is another crime impacting global criminal Justice. According to Gillette (2014) cybernetic is a criminal activity carried out by a person using a computer and the internet to disrupt operations using malicious programs, to stalk people with ulterior motives, to steal confidential information that if released would collapse an institution, or spying to obtain information from the government or a impetigo or another institution. Cases of cybernetic are most common in developed countries where most of their activities are computerized and automated. Money laundering.

Money laundering also counts as a criminal issue in global operations. According to Gillette (2014) criminals conceal and legitimate proceeds gotten from criminal activities. Money laundering prevents law enforcement agencies efforts from figuring out the sources of illegal proceeds and tracing the funds to their respective criminal activities. The system used by international criminal organizations and groups to make the proceeds appear legal is extensive. The best end used to launder illicit proceeds is the international banking and financial systems, launderers routinely use these grounds to legitimate and transfer the proceeds.

Corruption. The last criminal issue,widely affecting the world, and its stability is corruption. Corruption is fraudulent or dishonest conduct and abuse of public trust by those in power. Corruption is an immoral act described as a crime against humanity. Corruption is an international crime,it entails bribery, misappropriation of public funds, selfish practices for personal gain. Corruption is a common practice in most nations of the world. Criminal Justice systems’ approach to criminal issues The criminal Justice systems usually deal with criminal issues and reprimand the suspects that are found guilty.

Most countries allocate huge amounts of their budget on security and related programmer to deal with crimes. Various approaches to attaining Justice have often been used. Powerful incentives on suspects. Worldwide criminal Justice systems have been unbelievably successful in crippling terrorist activities in the world. According to Gillette (2014),criminal Justice systems have been providing useful intelligence on al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. They administer moving incentives for suspects to provide reliable information relating to terror and terrorists.

Intelligence departments such as the FBI, Interpol and individual intelligence agencies from different states work closely with these Justice systems to maximize intelligence. Criminal Justice systems cripple terrorist activities by prosecuting suspects and locking the guilty behind bars. Effective law enforcement teams. The criminal Justice systems around the world do a lot against drug trafficking and money laundering. Appropriate legislation is placed to provide the powers to impound and confiscate the assets of the criminal and take away profits of criminal enterprises.

Beside legislation is an effective law enforcement team. Suspects are arrested by organized police and investigation is carried out to be able to capture the court of law to be awarded punishment (Gillette, 2014). Iii. Appropriate prosecutorial and Judicial organization The crime of human trafficking has adequately been planned against by various criminal Justice systems across the globe. Law enforcement agencies should be empowered, organized and allocated funds that would enable them to respond appropriately to the crime.

Strong and well informed prosecutorial and Judicial organization are put in place to rightfully persecute, try and sentence suspects of human trafficking accordingly. Ensure proper identification of human trafficking victims and attending to their needs before being taken to their places. Disarming the public. Justice systems around the globe also address the criminal issue arm trafficking. Criminal Justice system requests the public to surrender their weapons if they are not licensed to have them.

Judicial systems acquire enough information concerning arm trafficking to trace the distributor and the target clients, and then arrests them, rosettes and takes them to court for trial, if found guilty, sentenced. Suspects taken for questioning after arrest surrender useful information. Adoption of appropriate legal capacity for trial Piracy has recognition as an international crime. Gillette (2014) argues that going with the re-expansion of piracy in the recent years, prosecution of pirates who operate outside the territory of states is now possible.

The nations have ensured that there is legal capacity to try pirates. A new Somali court was built within the territory of a third state. Adoption of a regional tribunal and the establishment of an international tribunal. The International Criminal Court is also a forum for prosecuting pirates. Synthesizing of the public Criminal Justice systems also have their stand on corruption and what they are doing about it. Criminal Justice systems know quite well that the prosecution cannot be effective in stopping corruption alone, other methods must be incorporated to see to it that corruption is dead.

Alongside prosecution, trial and punishment, criminal justice systems take it to be their responsibility to sensitizes the public on issues regarding corruption and what they are to do in the event of one (Gillette 2014). Recent terrorism-related news story There are many terrorism incidents that have occurred in the past. Both the developed and developing countries have been terrorism targets and have lost a lot in the log run. One of the common stories known around the world is the the Bengali attack. On 1 lath of September 2012, heavily armed Islamic militants ambushed the U.

S. Diplomatic mission in Libyan city Bengali. They set buildings on fire before all U. S. Personnel could escape, or reinforcements could arrive(Capable, 2014). They then attacked a nearby CIA compound, here;Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens together with three other Americanizes killed. Later on 1 5th of June 2014 U. S. Special Operations forces swarmed a residential home south of the waterfront city and took him captive, one of the suspected supervisors of the 2012 attack, ABA Chattel. He district (Capable, 2014).

ABA Chattel was arrested two years later and put in detention. According to the court filings by the U. S Attorney General, he was motivated to be involved in the violence by his extremist ideology. At a detention hearing in a U. S. District court,Chattel appeared before Magistrate Judge Deborah Robinson. Prosecutors spelled out in court papers that Chattel should remain in detention and reasons for he same. Opinion In my own opinion regarding the Bengali attacks and the Justice system ruling, the capturing of Chattel was a little too late.

It would have been better if his capture were made a lot earlier, when still the matter was up in the headlines making news. That move would have earned the system a vote of confidence praising their ability to attend to issues quickly. The decision by the court to have him stay in detention for a while longer is quite in order, the detention before trial would help the system gather enough intelligence on the base of the Bengali attack and others related to the error organization responsible for the Bengali terror. The intelligence gathered through powerful incentives might bring in more terrorists to book.

My suggestions on similar cases in the future, the response leading to the capture of terror culprits should be faster and take the shortest time possible. Considering that the suspect is a regular fighter and a terrorist, chances are that he might have made more attacks elsewhere leading to similar losses. In the need to prevent similar attacks in the future, security should be beefed up in areas where terror is routine. In conclusion, rimes and criminal issues are bound to be there for as long as morality is still an option for some.

Criminal Justice systems despite doing well in dealing with criminal issues there are loopholes that must be attended to and dealt with accordingly for the best results from the Justice systems. The major global crime issues around the world are terrorism, drug trafficking, human trafficking, arms trafficking, cybernetic, piracy, and money laundering. Many criminal Justice systems around the world are working to combat these crimes.

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