It was an ordinary day at school oh and if you want

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It was an ordinary day at school oh and if you want to know my name is Lilly, now back to the story so it was an ordinary day at school my friend Leila and i where in the classroom doing a test I was so scared I will fail. It was a writing test about what your DREAM is. I wrote that I want to go to space. When the bell went Lelia and I walked together to this new party we were invited to and it was close to school, so we didn’t need to walk far.

When we got there we danced then ate. After that we played spin the bottle truth or dare EXTREME!!

First it was Leila it spinned to Liam and said truth or dare. She said truth. Okay who do you like in this circle. UMM! I think Lucas Leila said. It went awkward after it, literally everyone went silent because like the whole school was at the party so it was so extreme now the whole school knows that Leila likes Lucas.

Well after that it was my turn i spinned the bottle and it landed on Jake the boy in my school. He said truth or dare and I said dare. Okay I dare you to take a friend and go on the real spacecraft which is like two row ahead and then take a picture then come back.

Okay i spinned the bottle again and it picked Leila. I was so happy it was her if it was someone else it wouldn’t be that fun.

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Also let’s make a bet if i come back with the photo i get half your money presents and if you win i will do the chicken dance in front of the whole school. Deal jake said. When we got out of the house we got some bikes and went to the space station.

When we got to the space station there was security outside, so we couldn’t get in, so I made a report and said everyone I think there is a fire outside. If you make a report and say everyone it goes to everyone who has a phone a message. When we saw the security guards go to check their phones, and we just ran so fast we didn’t get caught a little. When we got in there we saw a door which said space rocket launcher so we opened the door and went inside the rocket and took a picture. After when we about to get out suddenly the rocket started moving and a alarm started going.

My phone couldn’t work and then the rocket said put on your seatbelt. Leila and i quickly did that. 1, 2, 3, BLAST OFF. Lilly i think we just blasted into space. YIKES! I looked outside the window there was plastic everywhere. It is a plastic madness Leila. I think the plastic is filling up the room. BOOM!

When the boom happen Lilly and Leila past out. Now after the boom Lilly and Leila woke up and saw a key in Lilly’s hand and a note it said take this to the moon and put it on the ground. The ground is kind of a machine and when you put it on the ground it will swallow it and the plastic will come down. They both looked out the window and we weren’t in san francisco anymore. I believe were in out of space. Hey what is that in the distance. I think it is an asteroid. Do you know how to fly this Leila? Only a little bit because i was learning engines yesterday. Well then avoid these asteroids now or then we are going to crash. Leila went to the control and avoided the asteroids. That was so scary. We looked outside the window and we couldn’t find earth we could see lots of other planets but not earth all we could see of earth was the plastic.

No Leila that is earth and it looks like it is getting Mars. Why is it so hot. I don’t know. Lelia we are heading to the sun make us go away! Hey lilly can you go explore, see if there is any food, water, astronaut outfit or something better a help button. I am going to go to the moon. Okay. hey i think i just found some water, food and four astronaut suits. I brange the stuff there ate and drank it then put are suits on. Leila landed the rocket on the moon just so we can have a stretch. We opened the lid and got out a stretched. After a couple of minutes we saw the plastic was everywhere. We quickly put the key on the ground and ran to the rocket. BBBOOOOOOOOO

OOOOMMMM!!! We were back at the party with a photo of us in the rocket we showed it to jake and i got all his birthday money $400.


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