Interview With Social Worker

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What role does research play in his or her work?

Mrs. Marie: Research plays a major role in my job. My co-workers and I work as a team measuring program outcomes and intervention procedures. Through research, I sternly figure out the study on the topic I am interested in; and use that same information to communicate knowledge and update my work. I am able to uncover the benefits of the social services that we provide, observing if programs are working effectively, meeting the client’s needs.

Research also helps me understand the importance of social policies and legislators covering the clients and communities. Through research I am able to stay updated with learning in my field which is constantly changing.

How does he or she apply that research to practice?

Mrs. Marie: I am required to present my understanding of the research and evidence that build effective decisions I make and actions I take on daily basic. Research allows me to have the tools and knowledge that I need to apply this to my job effectively.

I am able to assess my client and their need for change. I judge the evidence from research for usefulness accuracy before using it as a guide to assist my clients. I present my clients with clinical expertise and patient preferences when assisting with their needs. And most importantly I evaluate what I have learned from my research and then I apply what I have learned to my practice. I am not biased when assisting my clients.

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I take  evidence-based research which is the information I use to make decisions about the care of my clients which is not opinionated, but based on logical research.

What value does he or she think research brings to social work?

Mrs. Marie: I think the respect of research is it helps social workers stay up to date with the latest actions. It helps guide social workers to implement the research in their daily tasks, guiding them with assessments when they have to make decisions and interventions. It gives social workers tips and insight from experienced practitioners. This helps them balance workloads; find evidence and keep logs without disproof. You can find different case scenarios and practice reflections that will enhance learning.

How has this interview influenced your perception of the role of research in social work practice?

Mrs. Marie: This interview has allowed me to pass my knowledge on to you to influence your career choice. It reminds me of how important research is and how there is so much more to this field than dealing with poverty and child welfare. The research will guide you when you feel like you don’t know what to do in different cases. The research will help you fight for social justice and improve the communities where your client lives. Without research social workers would not know how to address different social issues and differences that come about with their clients who are all different in many ways.

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Interview With Social Worker
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