Needs of The Pharmacist and The Patients

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In this health screening service scenario, pharmacists play a vital role in connecting patients and medical professionals. it was the combination of extensive counseling (regarding diet and lifestyle modification) and screening that dramatically increased patient satisfaction and improved health outcomes.

First of all, pharmacist as healthcare provider needs to set their goals which are to make their patient feel better and become healthy.

The pharmacist needs to have basic essential skills in communication between pharmacist and patient. The pharmacist must be able to be a good listener throughout the screening.

It is also very important for the pharmacist to control their tone in communicating and not to speak out irritating words. Using plain language is not easy for us as clinicians. Make a conscious effort to avoid medical jargon and vague instructions. Try to select just a few important key points.

Pharmacist needs to learn about the patient first. Pharmacists should also make an effort to create a harmonious relationship with the patient and understand them.

For obtaining information from and sharing information with patients. They should be aware of patients’ feelings toward the health system and views of their roles and responsibilities for decision-making and for managing their care. Through this, it will be easier to discuss a problem or way of treatment in the future between medical professionals and patients. For the experience to be effective, the pharmacist and patient need to come to a common understanding about their respective roles and responsibilities.

Pharmacists also need to observe and interpret the nonverbal messages (e.

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g., eye contact, facial expressions, body movements, vocal characteristics) patients give during education and counseling sessions. By doing so, the pharmacist gets to understand the physiological and psychological needs of the patient to identify their behavior. When a pharmacist can identify potential agitated patients, the pharmacist can use the appropriate way of communication with this category of patients.

Many patients are not aware of the risk of their first signs of diseases. Thus, the pharmacist can take the opportunity through this platform (health screening service) to promote to the patient’s ways to improve their lifestyle. For this initiative to be effective, pharmacists should also seek ways to motivate patients to learn about their treatment and to be active partners in their care.


Patients should be more concerned about their health. Thus, they should be cautious and use this opportunity to get their health examined even though they may not feel any signs of disease. Especially when health screening service is provided by the health care.

Next, the patient needs to give trust to their healthcare provider. Many still overlook pharmacists in these new medical schemes. Some still do not know that pharmacists can also assist in the health screening process.

Apart from that, patients should also be cooperative with their pharmacist by listening well to explanations and counseling given. The patient needs to listen well throughout the session to obtain the information given well.

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