The Death Of So Cold By Luca D'andrea Review

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A tough guy he is, the young screenwriter, has met the Annelise Mair in America and married. Against all odds Jeremiah Salinger has managed to design together with his partner Mike McMellan a TV documentary series, to realize and market lucrative. But after the fourth season something new is needed. For a creative break pull Annelise, Jeremiah and born in 2008 daughter Clara in December 2012. Annelise home to South Tyrol.

No course Reister it easy in the remote mountain villages of that region, where since ancient times each day the adverse be circumstances wrested the terrain and the forces of nature and defended in front by pulling enemies had where for generations ascend families and set the tone for a few decades, while others stay where ancient traditions distinguish the interactions at the annual flow where mistrust and secrecy as virtues have proved and where sinister behind every door secrets are kept.

Thanks to its family ties get “the Americans” (or simply “Salinger”) easier insight.

Father Werner, a gnarled widowed late seventies, belongs to the inner circle of the (fictitious) community Seven high. In the sixties, he guessed, and a handful of friends, what meaning would come to mountaineering and the onset of tourism, and founded the “Mountain Rescue Dolomites”. From the improvised leisure dedication of the young men has become a professionally run organization with helicopters and emergency physician whose activities equal to ignite a new project idea in Salinger: A factual series to the exciting everyday life of the “Mountain Angels” on the screens bring to the world.

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Mike in faraway America, the concept carries with, but a disaster ended the promising beginnings of production. On September 15, 2013 Salinger gets in a helicopter crash into a crevasse, his life seems to be lost. In the darkness of that prison the delusion takes possession of him that a mysterious “beast” exaggerating their game with him. Long after his rescue him looking nightmares home, and he decides to insert a sabbatical year in seven high.

This plan makes Salinger Annelise happy because his restless zeal they charged for a long time, and he also desires itself more time for his aufgewecktes, clever daughter. But fatally He can not get out of his skin. Despite all the resolutions and promises he gets caught in a new obsession, which makes up the central storyline of the novel. He learns of a brutal massacre, which in the wild canyon of Bletterbachs three young people from seven high fell in 1985 in an unusually violent storm Eight victims. Although there were suspects, but the police investigation brought no usable evidence nor evidence to light.

Salinger is biting more violent in the case, the more impenetrable thickets of feigned ignorance, distraction attempts stubbornness of cover-up and undisguised threats is. His private investigations begin in the village where he tries to win the trust of their friends and their family members about Werner him later lead to authorities and archives in Bolzano and of course to the crime scene, the magnificent “Grand Canyon of South Tyrol” with its rugged rock formations, famous fossils and underground cave labyrinths. Wherever he researched, he meets mysterious and contradictory, in a strange fates, disappointed hopes, ruined lives, and yet he always manages to tap new sources to sneak the trust of informants and to coax them what will never spoken should.

In his obsession knows no scruples Salinger. Brazenly deceiving the gifted storyteller and actor respondents about its true intentions (In fact, he wears with the idea to make a film about the massacre.), And even his promise to Annelise and Clara he breaks churning in order to free space for to give his research. Not even to himself, he is always honest. He suffers from his trauma, have to settle down with drugs, conceded increasingly violent beatings, but nothing stops him. The empty shells of discarded good intentions ( “How gladly would I told her that I loved her. I kept it to myself.”) Pave his way.

Despite its weaknesses, this protagonist is a sympathetic character because he pursues his request to help justice on the jumps, persistent and smart, he shines with presence of mind and shrewdness, is a sensitive husband and compassionate father, and he is capable of self-irony. If it is skeptical, but long-suffering Annelise too colorful, it keeps her husband in mind, as it implies the existence of his family and his own well-being at risk. He is quite charming and insightful, the Blue promises down from heaven – until a Note, an incident reignited the fire of his research urge.

Salinger’s first-person narrative is up to the last pages of thrilling and incredibly tortuous. but her spark will not ignite at the beginning. The first hundred pages are preparing a large area the ground for what is happening on the remaining 380 pages. It’s among themselves about the history, the American film projects, South Tyrol, the characters, their interrelationships, and the like – nice to read, but still without thrill. Recurrent ominous advance references to later outrageous happenings keep the hopeful reader provisionally in line.

While ” La sostanza del male < ” Luca D’Andrea: “La sostanza del male” in the course of his research is the protagonist always open new theories on crime was committed. Since hardly anyone is above suspicion, not even the incarnate “beast”. So adventurous some version appears, but all are so convincing deduced that one is willing to accept them in context. Finally Salinger may not kidding, irrationalism is foreign to his nature, and the author has pleasure in playing with the doubt.

Luca D’Andrea is not one to verschießt his powder carelessly, but his precious material economically and processed with maximum effect. When the voltage reaches a new peak, he likes to interrupt, to insert as a retarding moment a minor episode, a piece of history or a digression. And the native of Bolzano must inform many interesting things about the geological and meteorological features, mining, “Ötzi” in the Museum of Archeology his hometown, the ghostly Krampus customs and other ancient traditions of the mountain valleys. Stereotypes do not stay out, but broken up by gentle irony.

What you expect from a thriller? High voltage, monstrous and demonic, always new surprises if you imagines himself on solid ground, duels to the death, chivalry, penetrating, desperate cries in the night thunderstorm.

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