“Evil, It Remains” by Luca D’Andrea

Topics: Fairy Tales

The plot starts out in the seventies in the idyllic town of Merano. All around the glistening glistening peaks of the snow-covered Dolomites against blue sky. The same in the second of 119 little chapter we read some puzzling about witches, goblins, gingerbread, “Nibble, nibble, gnaw …” and slip right into the fairy tale world in which all that follows finds its trigger.

Marlene, 22 , is determined to change their lives. What she needs to she takes out boldly the safe of her twenty years older husband Robert: a wad of cash and a velvet bag full of sapphires.

Let’s get out, because Marlene’s afraid, and rightly so. Robert is not to be trifled with. Flight she climbs her Fiat 130 (we know D’Andreas obsession for specific product names already), throws her wedding ring out the window and exchanged the car a while used car dealers against a Mercedes (W114). But their flight to Switzerland is different than planned. In heavy snowfall it is on a side street to lurch and collapsed into the yawning abyss.

“Klaus,” she still breathed before she faints.

Robert, also we learn immediately is the personification of “evil”, which means the title. He hates not just jokes, but any human contact. Not even his wife was allowed to him other than “Mr. Wegener ‘appeal, did not get to feel his anger them. Nevertheless, Mr. Wegener is a respected figure, not honorable, but feared. His rise is paved with criminal Wacker stones – “extortion, receiving stolen property, fraud and murder” – and does it gives power over important figures.

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Whose foundation is in a worn notebook in his safe. On creased thumbed pages Mr. Wegener has recorded with his tiny handwriting the names of all debtors, friends and friends of friends. Lists, where stick blood and life sentences.

And this gentleman has now betrayed ill Marlene. He will can not be dropped. He has his “eyes and ears everywhere” and to unscrupulous henchmen for the dirtiest jobs. For Marlene can not end well. Or maybe yes? Finally, the Witch Hansel and Gretel sizzles were held, at the end of the oven.

told from multiple perspectives, and flashbacks into the past many people Luca D’Andrea as the plot up to Marlene’s flight and then further developed. As we learn where evil comes from. In the case of Mr. Wegener is education. Little Robert, fatherless grew up in poverty bitterster, gets to know an SS man who teaches him the great basics of terror craft. Before the war is lost, “informant Kobold” changes, now perfect in close combat, map and compass reading, interrogation and torture, the side supports partisans, British and Americans, who value his expertise as the secrets to which he knows. On himself but he also thinks himself a small empire builds up and becomes the dreaded Cape of South Tyrol.

A much more unusual figure rises Luca D’Andreas creativity but with the gnarled old mountain farmer Simon Keller. The acts as Good of the action by dragging the accident Marlene to his lonely family farm high up in the snowy mountains and healthy cares. As it lands in a bygone era, another world where dunkelfleckige pigs grunt in the dark stable, nothing but a bit of moss in the windows keeps the icy mountain air from the sooty, smoky rooms and solitary, taciturn old man with black hat the flimsy clothing plotting his long-dead father. As strange as it seems Marlene why should they distrust their frugal benefactor? One who, like all his forefathers hand depreciates the Bible, but can not be a bad person.

His Vita is touching. He also grew up in atrocious conditions and endured even as a boy without complaint the hardest drudgery on the farm (since 1333 family owned). But a tragic event in his youth modified it sustainable. What since then raging inside him, the author describes rousing and beautifully creepy. More must not be revealed here, for these are the fillets of the novel, the D’Andreas reputation as a thriller writer of the first rank confirm.

That plot and tension on all kinds of fairy tales, myths and irrational elements built are is not for everyone, but D’Andrea does not take these things themselves quite seriously, one has the impression, but play with them, as in his first to tickle with an entertaining mix. Mr. Wegener about acting as an adult like a wooden puppet who bloodless and awkward hampelt on stage. He has sold out to the evil and lost his soul. His wife Marlene wins only in the main part of the plot of format when it is torn between fear and confidence back and forth and her (like ours) tension is driven remarkable heights. Flat as cartoon characters are finally Mr. Wegener’s seven loyal followers, “bloodthirsty beasts” that nevertheless elicit only a yawn in their oversubscription.

A very streaky Conclusion So for Luca D’Andreas second thriller, as comes from the 3D printer: perfectly designed, slick on the surface and nice to look at (or reading), but just plastic. He’s created an entertaining diversion out – this is the different perspectives and numerous storylines, many of them of course, pure filler made of air bubbles that quickly burst and left nothing. Voltage generation is the second design principle, which is why most chapters end with a cliffhanger. What remains after the last page in memory? A few well-made lurid effects, some stereotypes about South Tyrol mountain landscape, the old Simon and his animals – and of course “evil”.

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“Evil, It Remains” by Luca D’Andrea
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