The Weight of the Butterfly of Erri de Luca Review

The first two sentences plug the coordinate system of an existence from: “His mother had been killed by a hunter in his kitzjungen nostrils the smell of humans and gunpowder had established indelible..” He is a young chamois. Man is his own worst enemy and strongest. The common living place is a karst mountains, nameless as the animal and human protagonists, not located closer because, firstly, this is of course the chamois entire world about their Hereafter he knows nothing, and secondly it comes to existential.

The mountains, the village, the man are Topoi in this parable. But do not worry: This is not a theory but a first-class reading experience

The author tells us about the life of animals – especially that of the chamois – the eternal years rhythm, parallel and intertwined the people. In November, the strongest Junggamsböcke demand the adult leader out to relieve them dominance over the pack. For twenty years, however, unchallenged reigns an exceptionally powerful animal, the king of chamois.

His pack always in view, he appears only to rutting times, then pulling into solitude. Deadly danger threatens the skilful climbers of mountains only by the eagles (which admittedly royal only in the air, on the ground but “turkeys” are) and the human “killer beast.” The poacher has already killed more in all the years than three hundred animals, including mother and sister of Gämsenkönigs.

But he is superior to his survival instincts and strong senses his rational opponent, so he deceives him by hinunterkegelt stones the mountain, distract his attention.

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Because so easily he will not give him his Gamsbart, the coveted trophy. The poachers, who prefers playing his harmonica as to communicate with words, and the civilized community in a barren stone shelter escapes , has retained despite his bloody craft thoughtfulness and sensitivity. Previously, he had chased ibex, animals with a special, caring character. A fog day he shoots a dam, next to him his kid. The slaughtered animal falls into the gorge, the fawn instinctively jumps behind. Never the hunter will be able to forget the look in the eyes of the animal boy. Although distanced themselves from the brutal fish robbers who break the waters for years to come empty, he knows that he’s just a common “occasional thief,” and he wonders if there is a ruling on everything highest lord on whose he will come to rest once balance.

De Lucas story culminates in a dramatic showdown between the two heroes. While the goat away jumping with a large set on the lying in ambush hunter whose bullet pierced his heart immediately afterwards. “The animal had spared him, but he did not the animal. Nothing had he understood by the present, which was lost. The pack Ehrbezeugungen for the dead king stir again the aged man, and he knows that he will never kill an animal. The small amendment is only 64 pages long narrow, but of the highest intensity. A large, poetic style ( “wind dress”, page 55, “He ‘… man a syllable in the dictionary,” the author designed complex characters and fateful relations between them. He takes the animals as individuals seriously as people, without, however, make kitschy as pseudo people in Hollywood fashion

Man and chamois are cut from the same cloth. Both are superior to their counterparts, both gave loners who look at the others and their activities in outer and inner distance, both mastered perfectly the rules of their communities, both are called “king of the mountain goats,” both of which are hunted, both are weakened at the end and knowing the end of their era, destruction and death. your individual quirks appear clearly in the accurately outlined compare with bears, eagles, spider, butterfly, the villagers, the women and their nature, their hunting methods, their strengths, their weaknesses .

Only a small but powerful image is the role of the eponymous white butterfly. It is made manifest on the horn of the goat, as well as on the gun barrel of the man down, and in the end he is the one who “the accounts of the burden of all these rough years,” brings. For before the highest hunters human victory The book (in the original ” proves aware of its wretched, despicable thief existence” twin equal “than his defeat. Il peso della farfalla < “) concludes with an epilogue (a second story with a similar sound), a revealing epilogue of the translator and Peter Kammerer’s eulogy for Petrarca-Preis 2010 for Erri de Luca. Whose stories “I’m here” (2004), “The Light of the Early Years” (2000) and have “The day before you are” (2010) in Italy cult status.

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The Weight of the Butterfly of Erri de Luca Review
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