A Heart so Cold by Árni Thórarinsson Review

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Bad that our idea of ​​the Scandinavians and Icelanders is often characterized especially tired of the prejudice enough, he drowned his melancholy in alcohol. “A heart so cold,” the latest thriller-born Reykjavík author Árni Thórarinsson disappointed in this respect in that it uses this cliché both for his acting figures and for the motive heartily. As if it were not enough, he is still on top of it drugs, sex and violence. “Daudi Trudsins” is the book in the original, translating it has Tina spots.

Journalists Einar has drifted there from the capital to the far north of Iceland. Behind the attempt of the “Abendblatt” to establish a branch in Akureyri infected. Einar is under great pressure to succeed, but what there is to be already to tell from up here?

Although the city is the fourth largest in the country, but more than 17,000 inhabitants has not to offer. Ultimately Akureyri a remote backwater. After all, current land in sight, and there are even large events that announce themselves.

The city is planning its annual festival “All in one”. Thousands of visitors are expected. Preparations are in full swing. The police expects alcohol and drug excesses. Riots and violence particularly sexual nature will continue to increase. Also Einars sixteen year old daughter and her dark-skinned friend Gunnsa Raggi arrive. Father concerns do not count much; of course the two huge party want to make fullest.

But unfortunately Einar is right: On the first evening, Raggi beats with a few racist youths attacked the Gunnsa and had insulted as “nigger whore” An American TV crew is also on site.

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. You want here an erotic thriller turn ( “Hot Ice”), and as a set for some of the recordings an empty house is provided. Right here but horrible has played. Police and forensics have the crime scene initially be denied. Even before Einar had received a strange phone call. Without mentioning her name, an obviously intoxicated woman of noises, ghosts and other spooky told in this house. You have visions, could occur to the deceased in contact.

Einar and Inspector Ólafur Gisli, with whom he gets along well, go to the obscure Note to. Ghosts they can not find; but probably the naked body of a sixteen year old girl. With slashed wrists she is in the bath, her arms full of punctures. Probably a junkie The criminal plot has since set the last shot is … sets in, when the anonymous caller again reports. Between the dead and their is a connection, but which ones? Einar and the unknown will meet in Reykjavik. She wants to get back at someone. But for now, they will move once again into the special clinic Virkid on withdrawal. A closed place – and yet it is not safe here: Soon she is dead

Einar was himself for many years Alcoholics. So he knows the operation and the old roll inside out. It can be in the hospital ward to research as “undercover agent” … The little episode about Einar’s hospital stay is the author wonderfully oblique succeeded. is Virkid namely a paradoxical place of the free, but absolutely forbidden sexuality. Here’s drives with everybody: therapists, patients and doctors celebrate a very big, fat, happy slumber party. The talks and the therapy sessions in faithful community show that the author’s literary wealth has. A bit more Davona, plus a smarter, not so hackneyed that the murders, and I would have felt more comfortable in Akureyri …

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A Heart so Cold by Árni Thórarinsson Review
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