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Physical chemistry is the branch of chemistry, the science of the genera; laws of the structure, composition and transformation of the chemical substances.

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Physical chemistry researches chemical phenomena with the help of the theoretical and experimental methods of physics. The history of physical chemistry is quite long and it started in the 18th century when the Russian scientist Lomonosov started to dwell on the issues and relations between chemistry and physics. Physical chemistry can be called the basis of the modern chemistry using the theoretic methods of the most important issues of physics, like quantum mechanics, statistical physics, thermodynamics, nonlinear system, field theory, etc.

It includes the study about the structure of substances, the composition of molecules, chemical thermodynamics, chemical kinetics and catalysis.

Physical chemistry consists of numerous branches: electrochemistry, photochemistry, adsorption, radiation chemistry, the study about corrosion, etc. Interface and colloid science is the traditional name of physical chemistry which focuses on adhesion, adsorption, wetting, coagulation, electrophoresis and developing technology of building materials, rock drilling, sol-gel technology and embraces chemistry, physics and biology into the single unity.

Radiochemistry dwells on the parts of the microscopic size and their radiation. Crystal chemistry works with the crystal structures and their relations with other structures. Thermochemistry is the science which learns the thermal effects and reactions. The number of the sciences related with physical chemistry is very big and it is obvious that these two sciences are not observed separately anymore, because their relation is so close that it can answer to many questions which have bothered the humanity lately.

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Physical chemistry is an important and fundamental science which tries to find the logical answers to the troublesome questions related with existence. It is obvious that the science is broad and requires much attention and narrowing, so students are able to suggest their own research projects which would clear up the certain definite issues. The student should explain the meaning of physical chemistry, prove that its research is useful and requires further improvement and share the results of the science and define their role of the natural science of our time. The student also is expected to present the methodology of the research and the sources used for the analysis of the issues on physical chemistry.

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