Sample Research Proposal On Gender Based Violence

Topics: Women'S Rights

Gender-based violence is the violent group actions conducted against the person just because she belongs to the opposite sex.

Essay Example on Sample Research Proposal On Gender Based Violence

Apparently, the primary victims of gender-based violence are women, and this problem lasts for thousands of years. Historically, in many cultures women were deprived of rights and their sexual abuse and slavery was often treated like a norm. Even domestic violence conducted against a woman was a regular thing until the 20th century.

Though the level of the protection of the human rights and the value of the human life have increased, there are still many problems related to violence based on gender on the victim. The first group of the actions treated like violence includes such points as forced marriage (still practiced in some Asian countries), female genital mutilation (widespread in some countries of Africa), rape (prevalent all over the world).

The second category of violence is characterized with trafficking in women, who are kept as slaves and involved in sex industry, sexual slavery, etc.

Such women face the problem of systematic rape and even forced pregnancy, and it is considered probably the most severe violation of the human rights and freedoms. Finally, there are such types of gender-based violence as forced sterilization – mainly practiced against the women involved in forced prostitution. Moreover, such women are often forced to stop their pregnancy to prolong their service in sex slavery. One can notice that the majority of the examples of gender-based violence is connected with the violation of the female rights and their forced involvement into sex industry with all the consequences of this process.

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The young person can improve her knowledge about the peculiarities of gender-based violence and its cause and effect on the human psychological and physical health. If the student chooses this topic for the analysis, he is expected to make an exciting and thought-provoking paper which can impress the reader at once. One can dwell on the most severe points related to gender-based violence and observe them in detail making a successful and logical research project in the form of the proposal. The proposal can persuade the professor in the quality of the chosen topic if the student makes it brief, entertaining, informative and clear.

To prepare a well-structured research proposal, the student can pay attention to the advice found on the Internet in the form of a free example research proposal on gender-based violence in Zambia. The young professional can compose his own logical and well-formatted text following the model of the writing of a free sample research proposal on gender-based violence written online.

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