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The Personalized Arm Sleeve Is a sleeve made for athletes and teens who wants to say what they want to say whether In the court or In school. The sleeve’s design Is up to the customer, whatever he/she wants to put in it. It could be drawings, quotes, names of loved ones, or whatever they like, Just name it. Since the idea is still fresh, there are only few that are competing these days, international brands such as Nikkei and Ideas are top sellers.

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There are locals who re competing, having uniqueness with them, such as the tattoo arm sleeves. We personalize the sleeve for you to express yourselves, cheaper, An assessment of the domestic international market for the Idea: We are targeting the Dave market for the domestic market which is cheaper for us to introduce the product. We have also observed that more and more players are getting into this “express yourself’ fad of today.

As for the international market, it’s hard to tell having these big names in the larger scale of producing these things.

There are many companies competing in the market and most of them are big companies such as Nikkei, Ideas, and Rebook. Response from the market is depending on the place or country and culture, there are countries where basketball or football Is not popular which makes products out of these kinds of sports won’t sell. *since the idea is new to the market, there are still no statistics yet given by any research, we can only describe the overall industry, overall market, market segment, target market Overall Industry: Sporting Goods Overall Market:

Sports Accessories Market Segment: Personalized Arm Sleeves Target Segments: Athletes and Students An assessment AT teen entrepreneur Ana teen team: This idea excites me because me myself is an athlete too, when I was in the varsity team, inspiration was our biggest motivation of winning, and my team-mates would even right the names of their loved ones on their shoes.

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On every game, coach would deliver an inspirational speech and ends it with a strong line.

Since sleeves are a growing fad in the sporting world, and kids nowadays likes to express homeless on the things that they wear, we kind of hitched the fad and added some new materials in it. A discussion of the steps needed to make the idea basis for the viable business venture: We will have to find a supplier of cloths first, a tailor, and a printing shop. As for the designing of the sleeves, we think that we can handle it. The amount of sleeves to be produce depends on customer orders. For mass production, so far, we don’t have the budget for that, but these depends on the outcome of what we will be doing now.

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