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A school uniform is a certain dress-code established for students at high school, college and university.

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The idea of school uniforms has appeared hundreds of years ago with the establishment of the first educational institutions. Every reputed school and college invented its own dress-code and ordered its students and teachers to follow this code scrupulously. There are special school uniforms which contained the emblem of the educational institution and proved that the student belongs to this school.

Prestigious schools and colleges had sophisticated uniforms and students were proud to be able to wear them. The question about school uniforms is quite urgent and has positive and negative sides. The supporters of the idea of wearing school uniforms claim that a school uniform is the appropriate type of the official dress-code and it teaches children to get used to the official type of clothing.

In addition, school uniforms introduce the phenomenon of equality into the class, because if the students look the same, it will be difficult to abuse someone because of his tastes in clothes and the family income (it is obvious that beautiful clothes is expensive and student detect the mates with the unfavorable financial background and mock at them).

The opponents of school uniform say that the uniform deprives students from freedom and choice. Some opponents say that the uniform looks like terribly and old-fashioned. Nowadays many schools continue practising the use of the school uniforms but they chance the design of the clothes to make it look nice and up-to-date.

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Teachers and especially parents enjoy seeing their children looking in the official way and even fashionable.

The problem of school uniforms can be called quite a serious topic for the discussion, because modern children have lost the sense of responsibility and duty and a school uniform will teach them to dress in the official way preparing to the life as grownups. The student who is researching the topic on school uniforms is supposed to explain the reason of the choice of the topic, the issues which provoked this choice and the advantages and disadvantages of uniforms. One should dwell on the core questions and share the methods and literary sources with the reader in order to show what issues on school uniforms which require investigation and improvement.

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