Project Proposal COMP4013- PROJECT MANAGEMENT Contents 1Introduction 2Background of the Study 3General Problem 3a. General Problem 4General Objective 4a. Specific Objectives 5Scope 6Limitation INTRODUCTION Grading is a complex topic that involves philosophical, pedagogical, and pragmatic issues for all students. We all have our own ideas of how grades should be assigned, and what they should tell us about the student’s performance.

Since the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – SMB Campus, the Grading system of this University has gone under qualitative and quantitative changes.

As far as quantitative changes are concerned, this proposal provides an overview of the PUPIANS grading system. A critical assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the PUPIANS grading system requires an in-depth analysis of its structure, which goes beyond the scope of this proposal. This proposal, nevertheless, seeks to provide basic information about the grading system in PUP for those who are interested in becoming familiar with this system.

The main objective of this paper is to propose an effective and friendly used grading system in PUPSMB.

It shows the final grades of a student and the computation of the grade both midterm and finals. This proposal helps the student to be aware to their grade if he/she is failed or pass the specific subject. GENERAL PROBLEM Incomplete details of grading system from the professor on how computing the grades of the students in PUPSMBC. SPECIFIC PROBLEM 1. Hardware 2. Source Code 3. Work Duration 4. Project Cost 5. System Implementation GENERAL OBJECTIVE

Information Kiosk Proposal

To develop an electronic and advanced system that will allow the students of PUPSMBC to show their grades and how computing it.

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SCOPE This study focuses on how the proposed system will be able to contribute a lot for the students in terms of showing their grades and how to compute it. LIMITATION In this study, the researchers have only conducted the survey to 200 respondents inside the campus. And also, this study involves to access only the computed grade of the student and it is not editable. Only the administrator will have the power to access for editing the grades.

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