Identifying Needs research in health and social care uses

Identifying Needs research in health and social care uses care planning principles to identify the needs of individuals. Doctors take a medical history of a patient’s to get background information from the patient so they know what health problems or check ups they had and how they can help them such as what blood type they are , pulse rate to gather information enables the professionals to make decisions about what treatment or care the individual needs. It’s necessary to carry out a specific study or research project to investigate the benefits to others.

There are many organisations mostly charities which are dedicated to improving the care of individuals with specific diseases and disorders through research.

Research may focus on better diagnosis so that needs can be identified earlier or more specifically. Governments and local authorities continually gather data at local to monitor whether health and social care services are good enough for the population. Local authorities are releasing the rise in teenage pregnancies and mental health so the research of identifying that young adults going through that will need more support from the government such as financial help by receiving child benefits and mental health help by receiving care from the hospital and maybe parenting classes.

A gap provision is responsible for planning health and social care provision by making sure that any decision to invest public money in developing new services is justified. Decisions needs to be based on information that is accurate , recent and reliable to make the operation run smoothly also so no money go to waste.

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A gap provision may carry research themselves or commission others such as universities or organizations to do it for them, for example if there is a high rise in mental health issues in homeless people they can ask universities to do research for them to find an explanation for a reason why there is an increase in the incidence of hospital acquired infection. Having many issues happening in communities such as a high rise in homelessness having research done on the reasons why it’s happening to predict an outcome by moving individuals into sheltered housing will enable them to live independently for longer and to find a job/career to provide for themselves and get back on their feet. Another example will be planning a day care centres for young children to be looked after by staff for parents who need to work to earn money to provide for their children and such as refugees coming to england and have been put

To inform policy and practice is to design to influence and determine all major decisions and actions , and all activities take place within the boundaries set by them. NHS direct services now believes more home based care and some doctors surgeries are now on out of town business because people can see doctors near their workplaces rather than taking a day to leave.

NHS major review known as the darzi review (2008) to identify priorities for health care. Research shows that older people stay healthier for longer if they remain in their own homes so local authorities have reorganized their social services. Research into health may be associated with the needs of individuals , improving the quality of care , ensuring that resources are used efficiently without waste , addressing specific problems that have risen and lastly reducing risks e.g acquiring infections such as MRSA.

Improvement practice involves modifying care routines , changing how care teams work together , reorganising the layout of a care space , developing better communication for visitors and increasing choices for the service users. Action research within their everyday duties that leads to improvements to practice being made. Having home based visits from nurses or doctors can improve the outcome from a process so older people who have been discharged from hospital can be rehabilitated in their own homes more successfully. To improve practice is to enable an operation to be carried out without the need for a general anaesthetic for example if a mother is having an emergency c section , the doctor will make a life or death decision due to the individual’s health status and will have to put anaesthetics on the mother so they can deliver the baby quickly and safely.

Extending knowledge and understanding research leads to the development of new knowledge and understanding of materials and the living world. Some scientific knowledge may appear quite far removed from health and care needs , health and social care is a very important area in which scientific knowledge and discovery can be drugs , techniques and equipment such as breast screening scanners , ultrasound machines, MRI scanners are all products of laboratory based science research. For example, when the pacemaker to regulate the heartbeat , was introduced it had a huge impact on many individuals enabling them to improve their health by living longer and healthier.

Sometimes when research in unrelated areas may have consequences for people’s health , wellbeing and care. For example research into climate change has detected the fact that there will be a shortage of food and some communities may be displaced by rising sea levels. Action research showing natural disasters suggests that major disruption affects basic needs such as clean water , warmth , shelter.

Allowing progress to be monitored is any major change that has been introduced it is important to find out what the effect of the change is. Health visitors visits mothers who just gave birth to monitor the mother and baby’s health and development. When a business owner wants to know that a newly introduced practice or service is working well. If the changes are difficult, such as using a new building , monitoring systems and processes would help assess whether the service is effective in benefiting individuals. Monitoring involves research for example gathering quantitative data e.g the number of individuals using the service , how quickly they are seen or that their needs are met another example will be reviewing the data to see whether there are any weaknesses in the service that will help improve the service and avoid anything that is affecting the service.

Aiding reflection – Reflection in health and social care is essential for improving the practices by providing a way for a healthcare workers to deal with the sensitive issues they are likely to experience. Reflecting on tasks gives us an opportunity to look at each stage of a caregiving process and decide if an appropriate action has been taken. For example, if a university is concerned about the mental health of their students they can reflect on what they are doing to help their students and what else they can add to the campus to improve the mental health of the students such as having gym and sports clubs. Activities are proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels such as . There are also many societies for different areas that the student may enjoy and take their mind off their work

Examining topics of contemporary interest research hasa role in researching our scientific knowledge in particular issues that are very liable to progress such as obesity , smoking and cancer. Research can take days , months or even years. It aim is not only to identify in death information that is already known. Through research we can have a better understanding of what are the service user’s needs and find ways of improving the service towards them. The data collected for research must be up to date and frequently evluated. This would help making an accurate comparison to other opcies of information found.

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Identifying Needs research in health and social care uses
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