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In a typical day, when I use Google to search some information or some price comparison websites, when Amazon recommends me products based on my previous search results, the speech recognition feature, Facebook flashing customized advertisement for me, I am astonished by what today’s large volume of data and cutting edge technology could achieve, helping organization or individual to make wise decisions, and improving and optimizing existing process in an unprecedented way.In fact, apart from the applications mentioned above, data based analysis has also been used widely in the Finance sectors for risk and fraud detection, Marketing, Travels, Political parties, Healthcare and every possible industry where data gets generated.

Data science is a tool that allows companies to better serve their customer and their bottom line.

As one might imagine, the use of data science will become more prevalent. The wide application of data science nowadays excites me, especially in tracking infectious disease, curing cancer and personalizing education which are meaningful for the whole society.

With my strength and interest, I want to contribute to that age of evolution. Thus, a Master Degree of Data science is a logical culmination of my passion for solving such problems through data analytics. From my young days I have been a very creative and inquisitive kid bearing a strong scientific attitude. Understanding the subject has always been my first priority throughout my education rather than getting high scores. I was always fond of science and mathematics as subjects so after my 10th grade I decided to opt for science field.

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As my Secondary exam score was good, not only did I manage to get admission in one of the best colleges in my town for higher secondary education but also managed to get computer science as the bifocal subject.  So I had a chance to learn both hardware and software combined as a mainstream subject which contributed much to my overall score in Higher secondary(HSC). After my HSC I managed to get an admission to one of the reputed engineering colleges under the University of Mumbai. The degree program introduced me to a plethora of new subjects and opened up newer avenues for me. I scored a CGPA of 6.54 for the four years of the program. Joining engineering school was a good experience, I was exposed to a platform wherein I got a chance to learn advanced subjects, which considerably helped in enhancing my knowledge base.

My understanding was well complimented by the numerous practical projects that the college introduced us to through mini-projects and the final year projects. For my third-year mini-project, I began with a waveform generator using 555 timer and then built a temperature sensor using a microcontroller. In our final year, my team did a project named SRAM design in nanotechnology using CNTFET. This project involved designing of SRAM using CNTFET. It was a simulation-based project. I also presented a paper with my teammates on this topic at an international conference hosted by our college and it was appreciated by all present there. Besides academics, I have always been an enthusiastic participant in extra-curricular activities that helped me to gain an all-round personality. I took part in cultural and sports events right from my high school to college.

I have been a part of the organizing team of the annual technical festival ‘Techithon’ and cultural festival ‘Rhythm’ of our college and worked in the Sponsorship Team of the Entrepreneurship Week hosted annually by EMBER committee of our college. I was also a part of the softball and baseball team of our college which helped in increasing my sportsmanship spirit. I am a member of an NGO named MISHA foundation to do my bit for the society through some social work. These interactions and exposures of diverse nature helped me take tremendous learning through exchanges which broadened my outlook and working in teams of students honed my interpersonal skills. To constantly update my knowledge of computers and the advances in various technologies, I did a certification course on Converged communication, I attended many seminars which were held in our college such as “Idea Generations” by Ember in Entrepreneurship-week, attended a workshop on “Mobile phone design” conducted by IEEE and also attended a seminar on “Renewable technologies for electricity generation”.

After my graduation I started working as an Associate Software Engineer at Accenture solutions.Pvt.Ltd. Along with the hardware knowledge I gained through my degree course I got a chance to gain software knowledge as well by working in an IT firm. I was trained here on different technologies like Java, HTML, MySQL and mainframe as a part of their training program. I am currently working on a project for a US based client which requires us to make changes to client data and analyze the data. Mainframe technology along with SQL and Python are being used in this project. By working on this project my interest in data science increased and I decided to do a Master’s in data science to get an in depth knowledge of data science and data analysis.

While my short term career goal is to be a data scientist after obtaining the degree, my long term career goal is to build my own enterprise focusing on providing data analytics consulting services in the future. So to fulfill this goal I decided to study in an institute that would streamline me to achieve my future goals. I am looking for a school that provides professional skills, hands-on experience in running ground-breaking data analytics projects and networking opportunities needed to be successful in a business setting and I believe your university would help me to learn aspects crucial in evolving and excelling in today’s fast-changing and fiercely competitive arena. I would also acquire a global perspective by associating with people of diverse cultures which would give me the competitive edge I need. On my part, I will dedicate myself to give my best to contribute to the classroom participation, teamwork and discussions required in the course. I place my candidature before the selection committee.

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