Identifying Sound Devices in Poetry

I’m growing fonder of my staff; / I’m growing dimmer in the eyes;
I’m growing fainter in my laugh; / I’m growing deeper in my sighs;
Rhythm, repetition, rhyme, assonance

Confound the cats! All cats–away– / Cats of all colors, black, white, gray;
By night a nuisance and by day– / Confound the cats! All cats, always.
Rhythm, alliteration, repetition, rhyme

Across the moorlands of the Not / We chase the gruesome When;
And hunt the Itness of the What / Through forests of the Then.

Rhythm, rhyme

Big Balloons Bounce into the Big Blue Sky
Up, up, and away
There they go
Alliteration, repetition

BANG!!! There goes another building.
BOOM!!! And there goes 2 more, Said the man in the seat of a military tank.
BAM!!! There goes another. Life is hard when you don’t have a father to guide you.
BOOM!!! You could end up in jail,
BANG!!! You could end up crazy.
Onomatopoeia, repetition

Buzz, goes the blue fly, / Hum, goes the bee,
Buzz and hum they cry, / And so do we:
Onomatopoeia, rhyme, rhythm

Her finger hungered for a ring.

The satin mittens were ancient.
You could paddle through the spittle in the bottle.

Consonance, personification, hyperbole

Tiger, Tiger burning bright, /
in the forests of the night,
Repetition, rhythm, rhyme, alliteration

This falling spray of snow-flakes is a handful of dead Februaries
Personification, alliteration

My sisters tears that sing upon my head
Personification, alliteration

As the bird chirps the frog croaks
Onomatopoeia, alliteration

For if dreams die /
Life is a broken-winged bird /
That cannot fly.
Alliteration, metaphor, rhythm

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Identifying Sound Devices in Poetry
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