The Future of U.S. Health Care: Affordable Care Act

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During the modern day of insurance and the need/requirement for healthcare, there in itself grows a strongly emotional debate over the topic and the direction it is all heading. With the new health care reforms being implemented within the last several years, like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, has come along with it the criticism or praise from different sides. Throughout the years past, there has been attempts presented to address the issues still being felt today, and even more so today with the growing cost of our healthcare.

This being the limited amount of affordable healthcare to the average working American throughout the country. With the main goal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act being to provide a universal coverage plan to those in need of healthcare. While this was being implemented with the intention to provide quality care and making it available to all Americans.

This would prove to be a difficult and challenging task even for a civilization that is as well developed and advanced as the United States.

When it comes to this implementation, I believe that it lacks some key pieces that were crucial in the success of the legislation. Those being, the lacking of preventative care, the structure of the actual funding, and the overall estimate of the cost of this on a national level. As the everyday aspects change and increase along with the governmental influences in the areas of the public medical care, so does the need for pre-emptive measures to be put in place to allow for success for disease prevention, consistent medical visits, and simple personal wellness of individuals.

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These are simple while incredibly crucial aspects that are required for the success of these reforms. While the current implications may seem like an issue, with a couple alterations, it could be put in place with great success to the American people in the long term effects.

When we look and review the current healthcare system, it is with reasonable saying that the direction of travel is to allow the government more control. With examples being in the past of attempted proposals to increase the political influences on our public health care system. These attempts however, would be unsuccessful due to the dominance of the insurance companies as well as the healthcare enterprise. One of the most recent efforts initiated by a president would be, President Obamas petition to over hall the system and provide everyone the opportunity to healthcare as a broad-spectrum national coverage. This effort was also accompanied by an effort to increase the overall quality of our healthcare. It has become very self-evident that the national resources, as well as the funding for such as system, are being negatively affected with the continuous rise of the cost of healthcare. However, with this current reform reproach poses significant needs for possible restricting, so does the need for serious consideration of issues, and to be thought out thoroughly prior to action.

The implementation of this universal healthcare comes to overall complexity and struggles with our modern society. For example, the rise of science and technology while at its peak, is revolutionizing our way of life throughout society. Another example of the complexity faced with such a system is our nation’s economy and the ability for it to go from being stable one day followed by instability another. With these national occurrences, the decisions being made on a political level, the proposals for legislative change, are being confronted by the broken healthcare system that has long existed within this country. When viewing the amount of influence from the political side as well as the business side of healthcare, possibly presents some reasoning on why our healthcare system has fell short over the years. Ultimately when the significant and key players of the entire healthcare system fail to work together and come to an agreement of what the voters within our society want, along with the medical needs, then none of the systems presents by either side with succeed providing the Americans of this country a successful healthcare system.

The Problems presented within are current system, while not all blatantly present, still exist. The main issue and concern of the voters of our system still being the affordability of our healthcare, along with the availability/access to it. This however has been a pressing concern and issue that has just continued to grow throughout the 20th century. When presented with an ongoing problem and no successful solutions being put into place, sometimes the best solution is to get a fresh look at the entire situation. This gives the ability to emphasize the specific needs of our complex society and can present along with bring the most positive change for our healthcare system. In the grand scheme when looking at it from a systematic approach, the prevention for our healthcare system takes time, in regards to the possible political progressions that can be made in a short period of time if correctly done with the support of all sides. When referring to the preventative portion of the healthcare system, I am talking about the engagement of healthcare recipients in programs designed to better their health.

Those increased health aspects of the recipients carryover years later into the decreased financial aspects of healthcare needed due to the preventative measures taken several years prior even extending to include, many years prior, possibly in their youth.  This dilemma is a great concern when reviewing the problems of our current health care system, hence, the cultivating need for a more consistent preventative health care system, making that one of our most pressing needs. The future of our healthcare system if left unchanged will eventually be realized as not a want by some, but instead a necessity by all. When this current system fails to meet the needs of our society and the demands along with it, to which it caters to external influences, a view will then be shifted as it is considered necessary to change it. With a system in place that is already sick, that being, that the healthcare system is failing to defeat the issues within the public healthcare. Than the healer, that being the healthcare system, is in need of healing prior to being able to successfully help our American citizens to the fullest capabilities.

Therefore, the continuation and rise of the number of sick people within this country will continue to push the national economy further towards its breaking point and to a global struggle. As we reflect on possible solutions for this issues there are several aspects to consider that would help positively affect our healthcare system. Preventative care mandates should be implemented. Allowing cheaper health care cost to those who choose to live a healthier lifestyle. Giving people a financial reason to be vested into our healthcare system. So that a nation that stays healthy can decrease the amount spent of overall healthcare. Also provide an avenue to enforce preventative care, like funding free preventative screenings for members. This cost while being put up front, in the long run will make up for it.

Produce and spread better education to inform the public of the benefits of staying healthy and the long-term effects of it. Instead of just implementing school breakfast and lunch’s to school-age kids that drive them not to eat them and find other avenues for the lunches or breakfast meal. Communication is always key in success. So, the increase in clear communication between the patient’s physicians and facilities to assist in tracking the patients records and allowing for possible improvement plans to be presented. The balance of power overall between the government and the insurance companies will always be a key factor when determining the success of these additions.

A jurisdictional control can be implemented to prevent the growth or too much power by one side. Allow for the business side of the insurance companies be opened up. This meaning to allow patients to shop for additional companies out of state as well for those that choose to not go with the government’s universal plan. This will result in the insurance companies having to fight in regards to their prices, lowering them for their consumers. With this all considered and a grand concept put in mind, it is necessary for further research to properly determine the entities within our government that will be involved in the origination, maintain of preventative care, and overseeing of the increase in quality care delivered to the patients throughout the country.

With Obamacare, the lack of knowledge of what the actual needs are present to implement preventative care presents a lacking for true success. With the overall lacking of these preventative measures, mixed with the other solutions presented, the overall cost of healthcare will continue to rise, as it also continues to affect the country in our other aspects of leading to negative economic effects. In conclusion, a serious question needs to be presented, how can we go about implementing a new effective reform to our current failing system, that results in success of our needs and wants of society while positively affecting our economy as well as our people. This challenge will not a small one can be started with the implementation of preventative care measure along with, better education, clear communication between physicians and facilities as well allowing the business aspect to be opened up allowing for the patients to shop around.

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