Health Care Improvement Act on Medical Negligence

JACHO, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, brought about an agency meant to improve standards of care in accredited (and ultimately, unaccredited) healthcare organizations. Keeping up on not just worker certifications, health and safety concerns was also first on the list. With frequent inspections, quality control administrators, and evolving standards, JACHO finally put not just workplace safety in health care at the forefront, but patient safety and care standards as well. Ultimately, patients’ peace of mind was greatly improved for the healthcare system and trust in organizational quality was heightened.

The Healthcare Quality Improvement Act of 1986 (“HCQIA”) was set up following a large increase in medical malpractice suits in the 1970s and 1980s. At that time, there was no a “physician tracking system” that could hold physicians accountable for prior malpractice suits. They were able to move from state to state without disclosing prior suits, payments, and judgments against them. This allowed incompetent, malicious and/or frivolous physicians from hurting, or worse, other patients.

With this act, peer review boards were put in place. These peer review boards review the conduct of negligent physicians and make recommendations for further actions. Actions against negligence that can be recommended are reduction of scope of practice, clinical privileges, and circumstances of practice.

Saw the implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act. In its intention, the nation was going to see easily accessible health care that was affordable to a greater number of the public. An “easy to use” website was set up, hoping that would be a low cost alternative to call centers and representative communication, as well as easier access to all individuals.

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With great intentions, came great pushback from the public and problems with the system in general. As citizens learned that many caregivers were not going to accept this new program and it was costing more than initially thought, another round of refinement and reconfiguration was needed. Although it could have been the start of great reform, it has not panned out that way so far.

Brought about major changes in the Veteran’s Hospital administration and how people were held accountable for doing their jobs. After a Whistleblower had leaked that the administration were not doing their due diligence in getting our veterans timely appointments and the resources for proper medication and, in some cases, psychological help, in time to help them in desperate times of need; a complete investigation and overhaul of the Veterans Hospital administration was ordered. Although it started in Phoenix, it ultimately led to the investigation and reworking of other systems as well.

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