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Free essays on the War on Terror explore various aspects of the ongoing conflict waged by the United States and its allies against terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. These essays cover topics such as the historical roots of the conflict, the political and military strategies employed by each side, and the impacts of the conflict on global security, human rights, and international relations. Additionally, free essays on the War on Terror may analyze specific events or policies related to the conflict, such as the use of drone strikes or the detention of suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. Overall, these essays provide valuable insights into one of the most complex and controversial conflicts of the modern era.
Combating Terrorism in Southeast Asia
Words • 861
Pages • 4
 Introduction: Terrorism in Southeast Asia doesn’t only affect citizens in that region but also affects the world. Over 15,000 foreigners from over 80 different countries have gone and fought in Iraq making them also possible victims of terrorism. Groups such as the Free Aceh Movement (GAM), Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), United Liberation Organization (PULO), and Gerakan Mujahideen Islam Pattani (GIMP) located in Southeast Asia have been known to illegally trade weapons; raising concern for the security of the region.…...
TerrorismWar On Terror
Implementation, Implementation Mechanism, Achievements and Failure
Words • 2095
Pages • 9
Pakistan has been victim of an intense layer of terrorism and bomb attacks for last ten to 18 years. But it abruptly increases after 9/11. Bomb attacks on government and public institutions, military personals and line enforcement agencies and offices of various organizations and suicide bomb attacks had become order of the day. Which compel the government to carry out military operation in various parts of the country operation Al-Mizan, operation Rah-e-Haq, operation Zalzala, operation black thunderstorm, operation Raah-e-Raast operation…...
PakistanWar On Terror
Terrorism, the War on Terror and Approaches to Conflict
Words • 2106
Pages • 9
Russia has consistently remained in a global spotlight in regards to the topic of terrorism, Counter-Terrorism and its approaches to conflict. A focus on this subject allows for relation and analyzation of this country as it relates to other nations and how this compares and differs from that of Russia. This comparison to other nations will help to articulate the approaches that Russia takes effectively as well as ineffectively. The emphasis of this analysis will prioritize discussion on North Caucasus…...
RussiaWar On Terror
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The Arab-Israeli War Is a War on Terrorism
Words • 3028
Pages • 13
The Arab-Israeli war of 1948-1949 has a few different names. Some call it the Palestine War. Others call it Israel’s War of Independence. Another common name for it is the Nakba, or “Disaster Day” in Arabic. Depending on the information one receives and who they identify as, the Arab-Israeli war can arouse a lot of different emotions and there is intense debate about the ethics of it. However, debating and knowing the causes of the war can help to prevent…...
ArabyIsraelWar On Terror
In 2003 Something Went Wrong in Iraq
Words • 2434
Pages • 10
Introduction Iraq belongs to the five biggest countries of the Arab World, situated in the Middle East and bordering the Arabian Gulf. Iraq is neighboring Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and Iran and is a member of the Arab League. It has two major rivers, the Euphrates and the Tigris which run through the center of Iraq, originating Turkey, respectively Syria and flowing from the northwest to the southest. The fertile area between the two rivers is called Mesopotamia,…...
2003 Invasion Of IraqWar On Terror
Hurt Locker Summary
Words • 329
Pages • 2
Tuesday,September,11,2001. This was a day that would change the world forever. More importantly, it changed the way America viewed Middle Eastern countries.In the following days after, America would declare war against all terrorist organizations, and would soon learn that it was a fight they would become addicted to. The desire to be in dangerous high-risk situations is a theme that we see constantly throughout the movie and is magnified through Sergeant First Class Willam James’ unorthodox ways of diffusing bombs…...
PoliticsTerrorismWarWar On Terror
The death list by Frederick Forsyth Review
Words • 63
Pages • 1
Seven men speak death sentences on people who were possibly never arrested or interrogated, let alone received a fair trial; maybe you do not know their appearance again. Their execution is likely to be made out of the blue - in the form of an explosion, triggered by an unmanned drone, or the volley of a highly efficient killer commandos > short process Short...
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