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Hurt Locker Summary
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Tuesday,September,11,2001. This was a day that would change the world forever. More importantly, it changed the way America viewed Middle Eastern countries.In the following days after, America would declare war against all terrorist organizations, and would soon learn that it was a fight they would become addicted to. The desire to be in dangerous high-risk situations is a theme that we see constantly throughout the movie and is magnified through Sergeant First Class Willam James’ unorthodox ways of diffusing bombs…...
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The death list by Frederick Forsyth Review
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Pages • 1
Seven men speak death sentences on people who were possibly never arrested or interrogated, let alone received a fair trial; maybe you do not know their appearance again. Their execution is likely to be made out of the blue - in the form of an explosion, triggered by an unmanned drone, or the volley of a highly efficient killer commandos > short process Short...
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