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The On Yazidi Genocide
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Throughout history there have been many accounts of genocide. Unfortunately, today acts of genocide are still a grave issue. In Iraq the Yazidi people are in an ongoing genocide perpetrated by the Islamic State. Many people have no idea how serious this situation is and that it is still ongoing. There are people who are in dire need of any help they can get, but people turn a blind eye. To understand the seriousness of this genocide, we need the…...
Critically Examine The Extent to Which we Can Talk of a Global Jihadist Threat.
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The jihadist terrorist threat against the West appears to have grown to be a normal part of Western societies daily life. This threat is generally shown in the relation between jihadist groups (such as the Islamic State in Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) and Al-Qaeda), and individual supporters or followers. The project will begin by explaining relevant concepts and terms, such as “Jihadism”, “terrorism”, “home-grown terrorism”, and what makes up the global jihadist movement. In the second part, the project will…...
Important Lessons And Threats
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The Islamic State (ISIS) is in sharp decline, but there are important lessons and threats in its course. This applies to the four countries of Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia, which form a microcosm of the identity, trajectory and changing assets of ISIS. These countries have two undesirable claims that they are famous: as a significant group of foreign ISIS fighters and, in the case of Libya, as the site of the first successful conquest of territory by ISIS outside…...
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Violent Islamic Extremist Group ISIS
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The Islamic State also known as ISIS is a militant Islamic extremist group who was founded by Abu Musab in 1999. The terrorist group has claimed responsibility for over 140 attacks in over 29 countries throughout the world. ISIS has one main goal and that is to start a new Islamic Caliphate throughout the Muslim world and impose the strict Sharia Law that was imposed in the 8th century. In my opinion, the US and the UN must work together…...
American Victory Over ISIS
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On December 19, 2018, President Trump stated that we have defeated Isis and will be withdrawing over 2,000 American troops out of Syria. Isis is an extreme militant group in the Middle East, responsible for over 90 attacks in 21 countries. They have conducted massacres in attempts to exterminate Christians, Jews and Hindus. Trump's decision has come under much criticism. James Mattis, his Secretary of Defense, has recently resigned and John Bolton, his National Security Advisor, is adamantly opposed of…...
The Social Issue of the ISIS Sex-Slave Market
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Pages • 2
People are currently fighting against several social justice issues that are being brought up by social media and the news. One of these social issues is the ISIS sex-slave market. ISIS men have created a "black market" where they physically abuse women, even little girls, put them for sale, then sell them. To solve this matter, people are having to fight against this issue by buying the girls to help save and protect them. There have been several reports from…...
The History of ISIS and Its Threat to the United States of America
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When you think about terrorism, what comes to mind? Nowadays, the first word people will say is ISIS. Most people know ISIS as a terrorist organization, which is exactly what it is, but there is much more to it. ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and has been around for over ten years, but what makes up this extensive terrorist organization? Let's start with ISIS' origins. ISIS wasn't always ISIS. According to Martha Crenshaw from Stanford…...
The Existence of ISIS and the Re-emergence of the Holy War
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"Lest we get on our high horse... remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ" (Obama). For centuries, there has been much disagreement and despise among the Christian and Islam faiths. Beginning in 1095, a series of holy wars, referred to as the Crusades, took place. During the Crusades, Christians were pitted against Muslims in a conflict over holy lands Today, an organization in the Middle East known as Islamic State…...
Pathos in the Pictures of Children in Peril in Frightening Situations in Venezuela and Near an ISIS-Controlled Zone in Mosul
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Western intervention cannot save the little boy in the picture, as much as the viewer's pathetic response might demand action. These individual aggregates leads to the article by Lucaites and Hariman, "Visual Rhetoric, Photojournalism and Democratic Public Culture," in which they dispute the claim that photojournalism, iconic images and "individuated aggregates" underwrite, or harm, democratic culture. An individuated aggregate is, "a trope whereby the population as a whole is represented solely by specific individuals" (38). This means a picture of…...
An Opinion on the Involvement of the United States in the Fight Against ISIS in Iraq and Syria
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United States Currently Seeking to Step up Fights against Iraq and Syria The United States is seriously considering taking a small army of Apache attack helicopters to the Islamic State of Iraq. There has been several conflicts between these two countries since 9/11. Problems obviously have not been solved. In my opinion, I don't believe it is smart for the United States to enter into Iraq. The country spends so much on weapons and has such a high debt already.…...
A History of the Ascent of ISIS
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Pages • 4
Rise of ISIS The Rise of ISIS is an extremely controversial topic in today's media, as the terrorist organization consistently claims they are responsible for many acts of terror on foreign soil. For example; ISIS claimed to be responsible for the horrific Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando. The reason I chose the topic of the Rise of ISIS is because of how frequently the media covers the topic of ISIS which intrigued me. ISIS's come to power obviously did not…...
Nullification Crisis Andrew Jackson
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Pages • 7
The following academic paper highlights the up-to-date issues and questions of Nullification Crisis Andrew Jackson. This sample provides just some ideas on how this topic can be analyzed and discussed. It has been rare in American history for presidents and vice-presidents non to acquire along. but it has happened on a few occasions: Adams and Jefferson. Kennedy and Johnson. and Eisenhower and Nixon are a few illustrations ( Jackson vs. Calhoun-Part 1 1 ) . However. the most controversial relationship…...
What Was The Economic Crisis Of 1923
Words • 909
Pages • 4
There are several causes to the economic crisis in Germany in 1923. The Great War contributed greatly to this, but Germany’s problems had begun even before the War had started. In 1914 the German Government decided to come off of the ‘Gold Standard’. This was a system in which every bank note had an equivalent sum of gold, kept in the vaults of the German Central Bank. You could go to the bank and would be able to swap your…...
Causes Of Ecological Crisis
Words • 737
Pages • 3
Causes and Solutions to our Ecological Crisis The ecological crisis is a long term threat to the earth’s well being. Throughout traditional western views there is a pattern of exploitation that cannot be ignored, because it has put the earth and its inhabitants in a precarious position. The west has completely removed any sacred meaning from nature; there is no longer any relationship between humans, spirits, and the natural aspects of the planet. In addition to this, the anthropocentric view…...
Cuban Missile Crisis
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Pages • 1
The following example essay on "Cuban Missile Crisis" is about the extremely tense political, diplomatic and military confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States in October 1962. For a period of thirteen days in October of 1962 the United States held its breath in fear of nuclear war.The Cuban missile crisis is considered by most to be the closest two countries came to nuclear war, apart from the nuclear bombing of Japan.The Cuban missile crisis was a major…...
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Critically Examine The Extent to Which we Can Talk of a Global Jihadist Threat.
...The challenge of foreign fighters for Europe: What affiliates and geographical concentrations pose the greatest terrorist threat to Europe? What means of infiltration do ISIS and Al- Qaeda seek and who are the people they send (Western foreign fighte...
What Was The Economic Crisis Of 1923
...After the War, the ‘Treaty of Versailles’ produced many difficulties. All of the problems caused by this linked with each other and then back to inflation. The German economic crisis was inevitable because the Government did not know that coming ...
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