Implementation, Implementation Mechanism, Achievements and Failure

Pakistan has been victim of an intense layer of terrorism and bomb attacks for last ten to 18 years. But it abruptly increases after 9/11. Bomb attacks on government and public institutions, military personals and line enforcement agencies and offices of various organizations and suicide bomb attacks had become order of the day. Which compel the government to carry out military operation in various parts of the country operation Al-Mizan, operation Rah-e-Haq, operation Zalzala, operation black thunderstorm, operation Raah-e-Raast operation sher dil, operation Rah-e-Nijat, operation Koh-e-Safaid and operation Zarb-e-Azab, operation Khyber I and II (Karachi operation I and Karachi operation II) costing over 3 of billion.

The terrorism layer not only suffered Pakistan economically but it also created a sense of disability, chaos, and fear and sense of Horror in the country among mob/ general masses, apart from law and order situation in the country.

Pakistan is a country badly affected by acts of terrorism, threatening Pakistan’s law and order situation, human rights, damaging basic infrastructure and economic opportunities.

And once Pakistan was about to be declined the most unsafe state in the world. Pakistan is facing the menace of terrorism, which is eroding the social structure, economic developments and political system. The immediate costs of terrorist acts are loss of human lives, destruction of property and infrastructure and depression of short-term economic activity apart from immense economic loss and economic pressure or burden on the country.

This include war on terror launched by security forces in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and federally administrated tribal area (FATA) having borders shaved with Afghanistan and resultant displacement of some three million people from their homes.

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As a part of this layer of terrorism, the terrorist attacked army public school on army run school at Peshawar killing over 140 innocent student, which were claimed by the terrorist outfit Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (Taliban movement of Pakistan TTP) was ostensibly a game changer the heart rending and soul piercing Peshawar tragedy took place that much hyped political consensus against terrorism.

There are some events in the history of nations when all segments of society, irrespective of their differences came together and unite for a common purpose.

Same event was repeatedly happened in Pakistan when on 16th December the tragic massacre in Army Public School Peshawar brought the entire nation on one page. All the political parties, both from government and opposition benches, military leadership civil society and people at large from all walks of life expressed their design of wiping out terrorism from country once and for all.

This unprecedented unity and national consensus is significant, because all stakeholders of the safe for the first time collectively declared terrorism in all etc. forms and manifestations including that organized on the basis of religion and sect as the principal national security threat to Pakistan. This bleak and grief attack crowned into mourn and sorrow not only Pakistani nation, but also the international community. It united the whole nation under single slogan toe rush and wiped out terrorism from the county all party’s conference was called in Peshawar, in which the civil, political and military leadership after a long consideration and discussion framed a mechanism to count terrorism. Although several operation as mentioned were underway in sere veal parts of the country, but there was no fixed and functioning mechanism, to counter terrorism hill date.

So all the political parties and civil military leadership agreed upon a 20 points to counter terrorism. Which is called national action plan (NAP).


The research is mainly of descriptive nature as the main concern is to specifically examine the national action plan.

I have used journals, article, magazines and newspaper’s for eh collection of data above mention source is called secondary data. Which is used for this research?

Title of the study

My research title is national action plan the achievement and failure.

 Research Questions

  1.  Although the Pak army has conducted the numbers of military operations than why nation action plan needed.
  2.  What we achieved because of national action plan.
  3.  What we lost in national action plan.
  4.  Tool of data collection

This research is based on secondary sources e.g. newspaper, article book’s statistical bulletins.


  • To determine the need for NAP that why a mechanism like NAP became necessary in spite of many ongoing military operations. Were the military operations insufficient and ineffective?
  • To determine what is NAP (National Action Plan) and what are its elements. To study the mechanism of implementation of NAP and institutions involved in its implementation. And also its expense or boundary.
  • Scorecard of NAP (To study the effectiveness of NAP). What lop holes and Weaknesses were involved with its implementation and does it fail or succeeded in combating terrorism?
  • What should have been done to make it effective and successful and what should be done to avoid such accidents in future.
  • To study achievements and weakness in national action plan with an overview of what so far happen under NAP and what actions and steps are taken by concern authorities in pursuance of NAP.

Significance of the Study

  •  After the origin of national action plan the countries politics revolved around it. The Government of PML (N) became totally dependent on Army for its survival and Army got enormous power and authorities over various aspect and affairs of the state.
  •  The political parties and leaders alleged the government for limiting the national action plan into specific area and targeting certain specific political parties and people by using NAP,
  •  For some political parties and leaders NAP was a devised instrument for targeting political opponents of the government on the other side government totally negate it, and suppose it as an instrument to counter terrorism therefore its study and analysis is significant.
  •  It is important to know NAP and its elements, that what is NAP and what is it for?. The focus of my study is to know NAP and its elements in its basic form and its purpose.
  •  There is lack of consensus over the mechanism and target of NAP among the political parties and leaders.
  •  To study the effectiveness, ineffectiveness and achievements under NAP is of great importance to get the people out of ambiguity.

Literature Review

Sajjad Ahmed (A Twenty Point Recipe of Peace) says

The twenty points agenda as devised by the civilian and military leadership with in collaboration to each one in order to counter the terrorist activist been curbed action plan resultantly the terrorist a hack on Peshawar army public school.

But since the national action plan had constituted or established, from that very time it has been criticized by defend circles belongs to various walks of life due to the some ups and down being found in mentionable assure thing (NAP).

So, therefore the research paper as preened by the researcher held, and vied to critically evaluate and scrutinized it’s achievement has been made so far through this (NAP) by law enforcement agencies, and the flaws or chemists as raised in proposed plan had also highlighted that what extent the national action plan had proved effective or ineffective.

To counter terrorism in the country and also the challenges as being faced by the various relevant state inabilities due to their such policy or strategy in order to formulate all-encompassing counter-terrorism policies to root-out effectively the extremism, radicalization and sectionalism.

Literature Review

Janjua 2016 (A Critical Analysis and Evaluation of the NAP’s Pitfalls Say’s)

Along with the few achievements as repaved throng the national action plan (NAP) by the also having some serious flaws and misters.

Under the (NAP) and national and counter terrorism association (NACTA), the anti-terrorism institutions and has not achieved any major objectives since form the inception of (NACTA) no significant efforts have been made to achieve or make active the almost inactive (NATA) under the protection of the (NAP) (Janjua, 2016).

Literature Review

Asad Ullah Khan (January 06-2017) (is NAP Really Working?)

Civilian and military government stands as a sign of success and progress over past few years.

The military has conducted many operations and tried their best to minimize the strength (number) of their cops/soldiers in the no go arrears successfully their performance can be estimated and gauged from the decrease of almost 50 parent in violence related casualties and accidents in Pakistan between 2012 and 2016.

At the national level, these efforts have gained immense public support which clearly reflects, that Pakistani society is trying to come out of this mess. Last but not least, national action plan needs some revision / review not in terms of new policy options. But in terms of political will to implement the available options on ground.

For serious implementation of all the twenty (20) points of the plan, these points must be subdivided into plans and directives for implementation, so that a tussle in institutions on implementation is avoided. Only military have power is not a final solution to curb the menace of violent extremism in Pakistan.

There is an extremely serious and urgent need to establish a national narrative based upon a mix of hard and soft power known as smart power to stabilize the society, namely provide sustainable peace and progress to the terror-victim areas in long-term

The Peshawar attack occurred amid a four-month political crisis, begin in mid-august 2014 in which the newly elected prime minister and serving chairman of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party and the cleric political and leader of Pakistan Awami Tahreek Dr. Tahir ul- Qadri led large demonstrations demanding of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s resignation and parliaments dissolution because of the alleged and controversial election and were demanding for construction or formation of judicial commission to probe the election. Weakened by these the Pakistan Muslim league (Nawaz) PML-N government became more dependent on the other opposition parties (PPP, PML a and other) and coalition parties (QWP, JUI and other) and military for survival.

The military’s almost complete control over national security and counter terrorism policy should be seen in the light of its continual encroachment into civillian off airs since restoration of democracy in 2008. (, October 27, 2009.)

The national action plan (NAP) prepared by the all parties conference in consolation with the military. The 16th December 2014 attack in Peshawar claimed by the Tehreek-e-Talban (TTP) was ostensibly a game changer. A week later, the Pakistan (Muslim league Nawaz) unveiled a new counter-terrorism strategy, the twenty point national action plan (NAP) with prime minister Nawaz Shairf and Army chief Raheel Sharif vowing to forget all terror groups without any distinction. Six months later and continued terror attacks, the NAP looks far more like a hostile conceived wish-list devised for public consumption during a moment of crisis than a coregent strategy. The meeting addresses the other tasks and responsibilities assigned down to the military and intelligence agencies and took decision regarding their implementation.

The national action plan empowered the military the performing institution. The legal authority awarded to the military seriously undermines the judiciary this over stepping would be detrimental to the cause of both the institutions. Whereas there was the need that the actions plan, should have come-up with ideas to correct the delays in dispensation of justice, and the development of modalities and procedure to deal with corruption.

After inaugurating the “NAP” on 24 December, the Sharif government implemented two major elements of the military without delay lifting the predecessor government’s 2008 moratorium on the death penalty, and passing on 6 January 2015 the 21st constitutional commandments empowering special military courts to dry all terrorists, and suspects, including civilians.

Thus the military with immense powers started their action to implement “NAP” under the prescribed and described principles eradicating and exterminating all the hurdles and obstacles, which were posed in its path either from civilian government or from other groups, the military openly condemned the barriers and hurdles, even it alleged and criticized the government for so many times for planning hurdle in taking away “NAP” to its logical and to act upon it in its read soul. At the military’s reservation over National action plan since the NAP has been launched. NAP has been launched.

As the attack on Army public school was a question mark lied on ongoing continued military operations in the same way despite the launch and swing of mechanism and set of actions against like national action plan another attack of the same type on Bacha Khan university Charsadda, and later on attack on Quetta hospital west creating an another question mark on national action plan (NaP) furthermore the bomb attack on a park in Lahore is another question mark lied on the implementation of NAP without any distention.

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